Erin McParland: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Erin McParland, a makeup artist for the NFL Network and other prominent sports broadcasting networks, is accusing former players Eric Davis and Michael Irvin of “inappropriate sexual advances.”

McParland, who has worked on some of the nation’s top sports centers programs, told her story to Sports Illustrated on December 22, 2017, not long after another makeup artist, Jami Cantor, lodged allegations against a string of NFL Network personalities. In fact, McParland says that Cantor warned her when she first started working on the job.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. McParland Says She Was Sexually Harassed & Assaulted

McParland alleged to SI that she “was sexually harassed and assaulted too, and I made an HR complaint against two members of the on-air talent. After I reported them, I was disappointed in the network’s response.”

She named Eric Davis, “a former NFL cornerback turned analyst,” alleging: “It started during my second season with the NFL Network with a comment here and there. When Davis came to the makeup room, he would comment on how flexible I was when I leaned down to pick up a product. I brushed such comments off.” She says they escalated to a groping incident, hugs, and overtures.

She also named Michael Irvin, alleging that he “had also made inappropriate gestures and comments. How once, on the set of GameDay, he grabbed my waist while I was powdering him on set during a commercial break.”

2. McParland Says Cantor Warned Her ‘You’ll Be Targeted’

InstagramJami Cantor.

McParland started working as a makeup artist for the NFL Network in 2014. In the interview with Sports Illustrated, she described an incident she says occurred with Cantor when she first started working there. According to The New York Daily News, Erin McParland is “a makeup artist who has worked at the network for three seasons.”

“Jami Cantor pulled me aside to offer some advice. At this time, Jami had been head of the network’s wardrobe for nearly a decade. Although she didn’t get too specific, she left me with a warning: You’re new. You’re pretty. You’ll be targeted. Be careful,” SI reported.

Jami L. Cantor accused Eric Weinberger, who currently works as the president of The Ringer, of trying to sexually assault her on at least one occasion and sending sexually-explicit photos to her. She also accused on-air talent — Marshall Faulk, Eric Davis, Warren Sapp, Donovan McNabb, Heath Evans and Ike Taylor — and at least one other employee at NFL Network of acting inappropriately in the workplace by sexually harassing and assaulting her on several occasions. Cantor was hired at NFL Network in 2006, but was fired after a decade of working there when she was accused of stealing clothes.

3. The NFL Network Says It Took ‘Swift, Appropriate Remedial Action’

Although Davis and Irvin did not return Sports Illustrated’s requests for comment, VP of Communications NFL Media Alex Riethmiller, told the network: “Ms. McParland brought forth allegations of inappropriate workplace conduct. NFL Media thoroughly investigated the allegations and took swift, appropriate remedial action, including severing our relationship with Mr. Davis. The NFL is committed to providing a safe work environment for all of our employees.”

According to Deadspin, “McParland says she reported the harassment to the network’s HR department, which took her claims seriously but ultimately elected to resolve what happened by having Davis leave the company quietly. He was later hired by ESPN, where McParland also worked as a freelancer.”

4. McParland Interacted With Prominent Sports Personalities & Leads a Glamorous Life

McParland’s Twitter page paints the picture of a glamorous life, interacting with prominent sports personalities on television sets, nights out on the town, and the like. She also has an Instagram page, but it’s now set to private.

“Per usual, hard day on the job #FantasyFootball #fantasylive @nflnetwork,” she wrote with one photo of the set. She also worked as a makeup artist for major tennis events, such as Wimbledon, writing with one photo, “Post morning chaos. Beauties! @Martina @thetracyaustin @BrettHaber @knowlzee10s @TennisChannel @usopen.”

She also posted photos with prominent ESPN personalities, such as Jemele Hill, dubbing Hill her “perfect wing woman.” In a 2014 tweet, she wrote, “What a nice day spending some time with the lovely @HannahStormESPN at the beautiful @Dodgers stadium.” Her page includes selfies, food, and other moments in her life.

5. McParland Has Worked as a Makeup Artist for Years

On LinkedIn, McParland lists the prominent positions she has held as a makeup artist. She has worked as a freelance makeup artist for FOX Sports from 2015 to present, for the NFL Network from 2014 to present, and for the Tennis Channel, from 2012 to present. “Works both locally in studio and on travels remotely,” she wrote.

She also runs a company called McParland Enterprises, LLC. “Educates television talent on makeup techniques, skin maintenance, and product knowledge,” she wrote of her skills. “Proficient in hair styling. Consults and collaborates with photographers and with women desiring a tailored beauty regimen. Entrepreneur ranging in services and clientele: print media, television, commercial, bridal, fashion, education.”

She added: “Contracts with high profile clients: ABC, CBS, CNN, Disney, ESPN, Ford, Fox Sports 1, Instyle Magazine, NBC Universal, NFL Network, Tennis Channel, 60 Minutes, multiple CBS affiliate stations and production companies nation wide.”

She worked at ESPN from 2007 to 2014. “Works closely with celebrities, sports biggest personalities and large scale media events,” she wrote of her duties there. “Responsible for training new makeup artists. Specializes in all facets of television and beauty makeup including, but not limited to, high definition (HD) airbrushing. Collaborates closely with lighting specialists, producers, photographers, scheduling and floor crew in order to coordinate and execute personalized lighting and ideal positioning for talent.”

Before that, she worked as a sales associate for MAC makeup and at Nordstrom’s. She received a degree in secondary education and teaching from the University of Saint Joseph and from Eastern Connecticut State University, where she studies the English language and literature.

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