Kimberlee Graves Missing: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kimberlee Graves Missing Fort Collins

Facebook/Kimberlee Graves Kimberlee Graves pictured in July 2016.

Police in Colorado say the home of a missing mother was found thrashed and that her car has been found abandoned in a parking garage. According to the Fort Collins Police Department, Kimberlee Graves, 41, was last seen on December 4 at home in the town. On December 8, a friend asked authorities to perform a welfare check at Graves’ home. There was no answer at her home.

On December 10, that friend went into Graves’ home and found that he place had been thrashed. She then called the Fort Collins Police Department again. Three days later, Graves’ SUV, a red Rav4, was located in a parking garage. On her Facebook page, Graves says that she is a certified massage therapist. Cops have said, “While detectives have not found evidence of injury, the suspicious circumstances have caused concern for her safety.”

Anybody with any information about Graves’ whereabouts is asked to call Fort Collins Police Services at 970-416-2825 or

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Police Are Only Looking for Graves Right Now

Kimberlee Graves Missing

Facebook/Kimberlee Graves

Graves’ friend, Daniel Cordova, told NBC Denver that police have been at the missing woman’s home “around-the-clock for about four days straight.” The station also reports that despite the fact that Graves is the mother of a son and a daughter, the search at the moment only involves Graves. Fort Collins police spokesperson Kate Kimble told NBC Denver, “There’s no evidence that would indicate injury to Kimberlee, but because of the kind of suspicious circumstances, we are asking the community’s help to locate her. We need to cast the nest a little wider to find out if anyone in the community might know where she might be.”

2. Graves Describes Herself as an ‘Active Member of the Fort Collins Community’

On her LinkedIn page, Graves describes herself as an “active member of the Fort Collins community.” Since 2011, Graves has been the owner of Spirit Tree Massage in the town. Graves writes on her page, “Being an active member of the Fort Collins community, I strive to build a healthier community through communicative outcome based bodywork. Rejuvenate yourself with the healing power of massage!” Graves has an associates in therapeutic massage from the Institute of Business and Medical Careers.

While on Facebook, Graves says she is originally from La Crescenta, California, where she graduated from Crescenta Valley Senior High. Graves say in her intro section that she is “a mother, a work in progress, a divine masterpiece, a survivor, an enlightened romantic.”

3. Graves’ Family & Friends Are Pleading With Her to Make Contact

Kimberlee Graves Facebook page

Facebook/Kimberlee Graves

Daniel Cordova told NBC Denver, “I keep sharing her stuff on Facebook and put it out there.” While members of Graves’ family and other friends have taken to Facebook to plead for her safe return. Graves’ sister, Samantha Kyle wrote, “Please share….my sister is missing and has been for almost 2 weeks….please share!!! Kimberlee Graves please come back….we are all so worried and love you! please call Ft Collins Police department if you have seen or talked to her!”

4. Daniel Cordova Says That Someone Keyed ‘Bad Words’ on to Graves’ Door

Kimberlee Graves Facebook page

Facebook/Kimberlee Graves

Daniel Cordova described Graves as being “too friendly” in an interview with KDVR. Cordova added, “People in her house all the time. She had a nice 2015 RAV4 and she would just let people drive it. Next thing I know it was side swiped, the window was broken out. I see someone keyed bad words into her door. I kind of got onto her about trusting people too much and now look. I’m just really concerned. I’m curious what happened to my friend. I heard about it when detectives came over to ask me questions — when is the last time I’d seen her, do I know the people that go over there, couple questions, that’s about it.”

5. Graves Wrote a Poem About Losing Her Son Due to Addiction

Kimberlee Graves Missing

Facebook/Kimberlee GravesA photo that Graves created and posted to Facebook.

On September 13, Graves wrote a long poem on Facebook page where she spoke about losing custody of her son, Zane. Graves says that she lost her son around the same time she was battling addiction. Here is the poem in full:

Fall is near so love one another every season that is here?? I ask to be forgiven by many I’ve hurt, I only want to smile, from everything I’ve learned. My son is gone, he’s alive & probably confined, to his own thoughts of time, and I will not say I’m perfect In everyway, yet my love for him will never go away.

Did he forget my face and surely now my strong voice?

Until I lay my head down to pray, that one day this other family will pay, for all the pain they caused mine, and it’s going to cost infinite dimes, I’ve paid my fines, of ridicule and pain.. only to face each day. over and over with pain, without my Zane. Please read my poem & feel my sorrow, and put it in a box marked with a Zero. Bury it in my box. away. with all the other lies people say

Label it addiction, call it the past, I wore that f****in mask, it controlled my mind for too long, yet I’m still hummin’ my own song. No matter how it happened to be, I’ve got to strive to love me. yet no one knows all the fight, sweat, and the tears, I wore that mask ongoing for years, only to learn. can’t count all your tears, at ease. persevere…

You know who you are as you read, so please let me ask on one knee, forgive me now and let him stand on this ground, so we can hold hands as one, to feel his hand, & not be stunned, instead gain strength, diligence from my son.

oh babe…my only wish is to remain, your mommy each and every day, I stand now healed …with your hand we pray, each step is like our new day; without any fear of the future, our life just became a whole lot richer. Addiction is a disease, not a crime, so let me finally wash away all my grime, back into that box, with that mask and all wasted time, so I can start my new life in mind. I want this to be kind, so give me back what’s mine…⏲

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