Snapchat Video: Teen Violently Throws Defenseless Kitten Onto Street [GRAPHIC]

WARNING: The following video involves cruelty to an animal and may not be appropriate for all audiences.

A 16-year-old boy, identified only by his social media name of “Charlie” because he is a minor, was arrested Monday night after being investigated following a graphic Snapchat video that shows him violently throwing a cat onto a street. You can watch the video above, though you should be forewarned that it is disturbing.

According to an Ontario Police Department news release, the suspect was taken into custody on December 4 in Upland after being spotted by police. The release states:

Police were notified early Saturday morning of a video depicting a male subject intentionally throwing a cat into the street. Officers immediately started investigating the incident and were able to identify the suspect later that afternoon. Police have been working leads since that time and located the suspect on foot at approximately 1:45pm this afternoon.

“The Suspect in the Cat Abuse Video has been ARRESTED!,” Ontario Police exclaimed in a tweet. “He was spotted by officers today in Upland. He ran from the officers but was quickly tackled and arrested. The injured cat is at a veterinarian hospital being looked after and is in good condition.”

The teen “was booked into the San Bernadino County Juvenile Hall for 597PC, Felony Animal Abuse,” authorities said.

Anyone with additional information regarding the case is urged to contact Detective Gary Naranjo at 909-395-2764.

The kitten, named “Spots,” is alive and healing after suffering a broken leg and internal injuries caused by the abuse.


Ontario police originally stated in a press release on December 3 that they received information “regarding the abuse of a kitten by a young man,” and were actively searching for the teen.

The initial press release stated, in part:

On Saturday, December 02, 2017, the Ontario Police Department received information regarding the abuse of a kitten by a young man. The abuse, which depicted the suspect throwing the small kitten into the air causing it to land in the street a distance away, was captured on video and shared via social media.

Ontario Police immediately launched an investigation into the incident that eventually led them to identify a 16-year-old male believed to be responsible for the abuse of the kitten.

The kitten and its owner have been located. The kitten survived the incident, but did suffer an injured leg. The Inland Valley Humane Society is assisting with the investigation and care of the injured animal.

The chilling video, which has gone viral, is reportedly no longer on Snapchat but has been shared thousands of times via Twitter and other social media platforms.

In the absolutely disturbing 10-second clip, it sounds as if a bystander says “Can’t believe you’re doing this,” before the boy hurls the kitten through the air. When it lands on the street, the feline can be heard crying in apparent and expected pain after hitting the pavement.

Social media users are expressing their frustrations and anger towards the incident:

@t_e_peterson55 posted a screenshot of the suspected Snapchat account of the animal abuser. He tweeted: “Snapchat this guy! Let him know what you think of him posting a video of him throwing a cat across a street! F***ing piece of shit! I hope they catch him and make him rot in jail!”

“Officials are investigating it,” @cylizion wrote. “I hope that cat is alive. It was in plain daylight and the cat was mewing for help. I pray that he/she is still alive and gets treatment, and that the piece of s*it who threw the cat gets the jail sentence he deserves. 1-5 years for animal cruelty.”

“I watched a video of a literal piece of sh*t throw a cat into the street where the cat’s head was cracked and you heard it crying,” @CaleyMSpivey wrote. “All for Snapchat. You sick f**ks, I hope he’s found and his life is ruined. I don’t have the heart to rt it.”




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