WATCH: UFO Videos Released by DoD (Where Is the Third Video?)

Department of Defense An image from one of the AATIP videos.

To the Stars Academy has released two Department of Defense videos showing aerial phenomena that cannot be explained. You can watch those two videos, along with an unedited version and a detailed explanation of what happened, below. But if you’re looking for the third UFO video from the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, you’re not imagining that it’s tough to find. It actually hasn’t been released yet. So far, only two of the three videos have been made public, as of the time of publication. We’ll add the third video to this story once it’s available. Interestingly, one of the videos “just released” was actually leaked years ago.

The Location of the First DoD Video Has Not Been Disclosed

This first video, which shows pilots talking about being surrounded by “a whole fleet of them,” was taken by a U.S. Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet. The footage was captured by Raytheon Advanced Targeting Forward-Looking Infrared (ATFLIR) Pod. During the video, Nav y fighter pilots are trying to figure out and understand what they’re seeing at an altitude of 25,010 feet. The location and date of this video has not disclosed.

The Second Video Followed Reports of an Object Dropping from 80,000 Feet to 50 Feet in Mere Seconds

The second video is from November 2004, involving aircraft from the Nimitz carrier. This is also from a Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet, with footage captured by an ATFLIR pod. The aircraft’s calibrated airspeed was 252 kts and an altitude of 19,990 feet. The object on the film was oblong shaped and appeared dark against a daytime sky. At the end of the video, you can see the object nearly instantaneously accelerating to the left at a very fast velocity.

This video more fully explains what you’re seeing in the video above:

The craft had no transponder and did not respond to radio calls and appeared to have no wings or exhaust, the video above explains. It was white, oblong, 40 feet long and about 12 feet thick. The F/A-18s returned to the Nimitz but the object stayed near the Nimitz for hours. From the video, here is a photo of what this object looked like:

To the Stars AcademyUFO

Cmdr. David Fravor and Cmdr. Jim Slaight were the pilots who encountered the object. Fravor shared his experience with The New York Times recently, but he also discussed it over a year ago with Fravor was featured on a 10-part miniseries called Carrier that aired on PBS.

Here is what Fravor shared with The New York Times and FighterSweep. (FighterSweep’s account also includes technical details about what happened, for those interested.)

The Nimitz’s Carrier Strike Group had been in the area for weeks, integrating operations with other support ships like the USS Princeton. Fravor didn’t know that for weeks, the USS Princeton had been tracking these strange objects, which would appear at 80,000 feet, drop to about 50 feet above the water in mere seconds, and hover over the water for a while. Then they would leave radar range or shoot back up into the sky. These incidents seemed to always happen at Lat/Long 30NM off the coast of Baja, southwest of Tijuana. They traveled and accelerated at rates that seemed impossibly fast to expert observers.

Fravor’s crew was asked to investigate when the objects appeared next. As they approached the objects, they couldn’t see anything on radar at first, but Fravor noticed something was causing the sea to churn beneath it. That’s when he saw a white, oblong object — about 40 feet long — hovering 50 feet above the water. As he neared the object, it began ascending toward him and then it “accelerated (away) like nothing I’ve ever seen.” He said he was “pretty weirded out” by the whole thing.

To this day, Fravor says he had no idea what it was that he saw. “It had no plumes, wings, or rotors and outran our F-18s.” He said it hovered like a Harrier at first, was uniformly white, and had a “discernible midline horizontal axis” similar to as fuselage, but no windows, nacelles, wings, or propulsion that he could discern.

After he returned to the Nimitz, a new crew launched, FighterSweep reported. The object was hovering again in the vicinity. The object was “turning through 360 degrees along with some other distinct jamming indications.” The WSO said the object was a few thousand feet below them, hovering and stationary. The video we see is from the second crew. The infrared camera didn’t detect hot gases below the object, as they would expect if it were a Harrier or helicopter, FighterSweep reported. The object accelerated to the left and disappeared at “shocking speed.” According to FighterSweep, the video was leaked to YouTube a number of years ago and then later removed after a government agency investigated the incident and interviewed everyone involved. The author of the FighterSweep article, Paco Chierici (who has 10 years of active duty) wrote about the story:

But now I was faced with credible witnesses.  Not crackpots wearing foil hats but people I knew and people who were from my world.  There were multiple, corroborating platforms that detected the AAVs using varied sensors.  And, of course, the eight eyeballs that actually got a visual on the white tic-tac as Dave maneuvered to merge with it.  He doesn’t have to be a stranger to you either.  Watch him on the PBS series, Carrier, and generate your own opinion of his professionalism and sanity.

The second video was released again about eight months ago. The person who posted it in March 2017, Chris Isbert, also confirmed in a comment that the video was leaked years ago on ATS and was real, but just now confirmed by the Department of Defense.

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