Wu Yongning Video: Daredevil Falls to His Death During Skyscraper Stunt

WARNING: The following video contains graphic footage that is not recommended for all audiences, please use discretion before viewing.

A Chinese internet star and daredevil, whom became famous as “China’s first rooftopper,” fell to his death after losing his grip on a skyscraper.

26-year-old Wu Yongning appeared to be doing pull-ups at the top of Huayuan International Centre, a 62-story skyscraper in Changsha. The man unwittingly filmed his own death after placing a camera on “another part of the building to record himself,” the Daily Mail reported.

The stuntman fell approximately 45 feet to a terrace, where a window cleaner subsequently found his body. He had over one million followers on Volcano, a Chinese-based live-streaming website.

In total Yongning filmed 217 live-streamed videos for which he earned about 55,000 yuan (approximately $8,300 in U.S. currency) for the daring acts. The videos showed him doing stunts such as pull-ups and tip-toeing on the sides of skyscrapers and other large buildings.

After about a month, it appeared that the daredevil stopped filming the viral videos which brought him incredible fame, and viewers became understandably worried.

Yongning’s girlfriend confirmed via Volcano that her lover had tragically fallen to his death in November.

“Today is December 8th,” she wrote. “It makes me think of November 8th, the day you left us and left this world.”

According to Hollywoodlife.com, Yongning was planning to ask his girlfiend’s father if he could marry the woman just two days after the tragedy took place.

The young man appeared to love the adrenaline rush that the stunts brought him, and with so much experience his death came as a shock to fans who had faith that he’d always pull through.

Many have taken to social media to express their sorrow and condolences regarding Yongning’s early demise.

“This could happen to you James be safe RIP to Wu Yongning,” one person warned James Kingston, also a stuntman, via Twitter.

“Rip Wu Yongning courageous daredevil,” @princepopz tweeted. “Walk up the stairway to heaven #Wu.”


@Iamfiroun expressed via Twitter that he didn’t feel Yongning’s death was a tragedy since he died doing what he loved.

“Wu Yongning RoofToper; Dying doing things you love isn’t a tragedy,” he wrote. “Appears he was prepping the top edges of the building, but didn’t take into account that the sides of the building was also slippery & with a lack of upper body strength was a major mistake.#CREATOR SPEED🌈.”

“Just saw a story on a guy in China who climbed rooftops of tall buildings without safety equipment,” @mikeufc wrote. “He fell 62 stories to his death and there’s video on YT of the slip. Made my palms sweat. #WuYongning.”

“@HQonESPN @LeBatardShow Sad to report….Wu Yongning has fell to his death. He is the Chinese rooftop stunt guy that you often feature,” reddfoxxdummy announced.

Some are critical of Yongning’s choice to perform the daring stunts, citing the dangers he not only brought to himself, but to others.

“I have no respect for people who do those kind of things because they are endangering the lives of the innocent people obliviously walking on the streets below them,” a Youtube user wrote. “If they mess up, which is apparent they do, they would instantly kill the person they land on. You might as well drop a steel anvil on their heads because it would be no different.”

No other people were injured due to the fall, according to reports.

May he rest in peace.