Alice’s Table on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Floral Arrangements that Empower Women

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Alice's Table EventAlice's Table brings fun filled flower arranging event to bars and restaurants around Boston!2015-11-20T21:52:59.000Z

Alice’s Table entered the Shark Tank with its business that empowers women by enabling them to start their own flower arranging businesses. It follows an event-host model, giving clients the specific tools needed to host girls’ nights out centered around floral arrangements.

We interviewed founder Alice Rossiter Lewis who created company in September of 2015.

Here’s what she told us about…

How the Idea Came About

While working in the tech industry, I saw the emergence of the gig economy and identified a need for more flexible and creative jobs for women that truly meet their needs and lifestyle. I wanted to empower women to start their own creative businesses, and give them the tools, knowledge and community they need to be successful. I coupled that with the growing demand for consumer lifestyle experiences. My background is in art and entrepreneurship, which also helped.

Alice’s Mission & How It Works

Become an Event Exec2017-03-28T19:38:47.000Z

Alice’s Table is creating a new model for female entrepreneurship to meet the growing demand for flexible and creative jobs for women. While on the surface we host flower arranging workshops, at our core we are about democratizing entrepreneurship through innovative and personalized technology, taking the uncertainty out of launching a business. To do so, we have created a business-in-a-box-platform that delivers everything an entrepreneur needs to successfully launch and grow their business, from event specific materials to the proprietary Event Management Platform. We built the technology ourselves. It seamlessly manages ticket sales, ordering materials, marketing, customer care, and more, eliminating the time-consuming tasks that prevent thousands of women from investing in an entrepreneurial endeavor. Our members, or event execs, are given extensive training on marketing, sales, and industry-appropriate knowledge.

Their Events & Collaborations

Right now we’re gearing up for a busy Valentine’s season and hundreds of springtime events, with plenty of weddings, moms’ nights and kids’ birthday parties thrown into the mix! The best part about the events business is that any idea is a good idea. We’re always expanding our offerings and looking to collaborate with new venues and businesses. One of our most popular collaborations to date is with local calligraphers in Boston. They teach a fun calligraphy portion, and then we complete the evening with a flower arranging workshop. We offer this class about once a season and it always sells out.

Nerves in the ‘Tank’ & Advice to Future Contestants

I was very nervous before I entered the Tank. However, once I started talking with the Sharks, I felt much more comfortable. They make you feel welcome and engage you with great questions…Don’t be nervous. If you know your business well, like any founder should, you’ll be comfortable answering all of the Shark’s questions. Displaying confidence is one of the most important parts.

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