Brush Hero on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Spinning Brush the Powers With Your Garden Hose

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Customers are using Brush Hero to clean just about anything!Meet the Brush Hero! Originally designed for auto and bike detailing, customers are using Brush Hero to clean just about anything! Gutters, grills, yard tools, lawnmowers, bikes, motorcycles, toys, golf clubs, porches, patio furniture, pets…1000 uses and counting. BRING IT ON! Visit for accessories, extra parts, tips and tricks!2015-11-06T18:38:57.000Z

Brush Hero entered the Shark Tank with their spinning brush that pairs with your garden hose for a deep clean. It doesn’t require electricity and is only powered by water.

We interviewed ​Kevin Williams and Glenn Archer who launched the company in 2015, and have done $2 million in sales in 2016 and $3 million in 2017.

The brushes can be found in retailers like Costco and Canadian Tire. The entrepreneurs are in talks with both Walmart and Sam’s Club and would like to enter into places like Home Depot and Bed Bath & Beyond and Target.

Here’s what else they told us about…

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How the Idea Came About

brush hero, brush hero amazon, spinning brush shark tank


We were looking for a better way to clean car and bike wheels without scraping up your knuckles. We knew we wanted it to be easy to use and water-powered-fool proof, if you will. We’re still amazed by the final design; it really has a lot of torque for a garden hose attachment. So much so that you’d think it was powered by electricity.

What Makes Their Brush Different

Brush Hero vs Ski JacketBrush Hero Cleans a Dirty Ski Jacket. Visit for accessories, extra parts, tips and tricks!2017-10-26T16:14:04.000Z

It sounds cliché, but there really is nothing like our product. There are great wheel brushes and cleaning brushes that require pure manual elbow grease, but they don’t spin. All the other rotating brushes attach to a power drill, requiring electricity. Brush Hero uses only the power of water. It’s simple, innovative engineering.

Nerves in the ‘Tank’ & Advice for Future Contestants

While we’ve both pitched to some pretty big fish in the course of our business careers, we’ve never done it on a TV set, making decisions about our company in a heartbeat and somewhat under duress! Be yourself; prepare as much as you can and enjoy it. You’ll never be ready for everything that happens on Shark Tank, but you can do your homework, which will make you ready as you’ll ever be.

Their Business Backgrounds

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Kevin: I’ve worked with startups for a long time, usually as an operations executive, but this is the first one that I actually own (with partners). So, I’ve done a lot of things, I started off after college running a dive boat, then ended up a paralegal, US Customs investigator and at some point, decided to go to business school. Over the years, I ran or did diligence on all sorts of things like a kids’ interactive world, an on-site tire installation business, a predator drone competitor and even the world’s first hot dog vending machine.

Glenn: After a career as an F-16 pilot, I went on to found multiple successful startups in the technology and services space. I have a deep background in the law enforcement community and serve as Director of the National Fusion Center, a not-for-profit dedicated to the free exchange of information between law enforcement and intelligence agencies. We met when I hired Kevin to build the hot dog vending machine.

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