WATCH: 100 Car Pile-Up in Buffalo on Interstate 90

The current temperature in Buffalo, New York, is 19 degrees — and it’s snowing. The video above was posted on social media a short time ago. It shows a pile-up of about 100 cars and trucks, many of which collided with one another due to the icy road conditions.

“They all stuck (sic),” one of the guys in the car can be heard saying. The other guy in the vehicle can be heard saying “wow” a few times.

“Look at that truck,” another passenger says, filming a jackknifed tractor trailer. “This whole road is about to be shutdown for years,” he says.

“That’s ridiculous,” another voice can be heard saying.

Northern Erie County, New York, is currently under a blizzard warning, which will remain in effect until 1 a.m. on Wednesday, January 3.

According to the National Weather Service, a blizzard warning is issued when the two following “conditions are either occurring or expected within the next 12 to 18 hours.”

  1. 1. Snow and/or blowing snow reducing visibility to 1/4 mile or less for 3 hours or longer

  2. 2. Sustained winds of 35 mph or greater or frequent gusts to 35 mph or greater.

According to a public alert, traveling is very dangerous and drivers have been told to use extreme caution if they need to be on the roads. Those who do not have to travel are asked to stay off of the roads until the storm has passed and crews have had a chance to properly clear and treat the roads.

“Travel will be very hazardous, including during the evening commute,” reads the warning.

In addition to the slippery roadways, many of which are covered in snow and ice, there is a steady, 45-mph wind that is causing severely reduced visibility.

The Buffalo area is expecting an additional 1 to 3 inches by the time this weather system pushes through. On Wednesday, residents will get a bit of a break from the snow, but will still be dealing with cold temps, with a high hovering around 20 degrees. For those who will miss the white stuff, there will be scattered snow showers in the area on Thursday.

As for the remainder of the day today, western New York is under a Winter Weather Advisory until 7 p.m. local time.

Much of the northeast is experiencing brutal cold this week. In fact, parts of northern New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine are experiencing single digit temps that feel like 30 below 0.

Later this week, the east coast may be in for some seriously nasty weather. A storm system is expected to move-in by mid-week, bringing along with it the potential for from serious snow in the Northeast. Some areas could see upwards of a foot of snow by the time this storm moves out.

“From near Statesboro, Georgia, to Florence, South Carolina; Fayetteville and Greenville, North Carolina; and Norfolk, Virginia, mostly snow is forecast to fall. Near this zone, a narrow swath of several inches of snow are in store. Enough snow is in store to cover roads and the landscape,” Accuweather reports.

Areas as far south as central Florida may also see some snowflakes out of this massive weather system.

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Be prepared for some of the worst snowfalls in U.S. history!… as the moisture from the retreating North and South poles that gave America its hurricanes these past few months, H-A-S N-O-T G-O-N-E A-W-A-Y!… and is on its way to a SNOWSTORM near you! And whether most realize it or not, the dry conditions experienced in California (e.g.) are as the result of the INCREMENTALLY ACCUMULATED MASS of the moisture/ water that/ which has been stripped from California (etc.)… and, is now being relocated to other air streams! And given the particulates that/ which were released from the recent forest fires, the “particulate thermal blanket” that/ which formed, has only added to the impact on the two poles!… AND DESPITE THE TRANSITION TO WINTER (and thus, giving the U.S. MORE MOISTURE FROM THE TWO POLES!… and, MORE POTENTIAL SNOW!)!
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The voices on the video were annoying, to say the least. So glad I don’t have my hearing aids on – the many wows made me jump out of my computer chair.

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