GOAT Pet Products on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Speakers That Give Your Furry Friends a Voice

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G.O.A.T Pet Products entered the Shark Tank with their speakers that attach to your pet’s collar. By downloading their app, you can customize a voice for them-including language and accent-as well as their responses to certain questions. In addition, the speaker can stream music for walks or naptime.

We interviewed ​Michelle Winowich who launched the product in March of 2017, selling 200,000 units to date. As of now, it is exclusively sold at PetSmart until March of this year. After that, they will roll out in many more major retailers as well as local independent pet stores.

When asked if she was nervous entering into the Tank, the Detroit-based entrepreneur, who dressed as a princess for the show, said, “Extremely… especially dressing as a princess! They run a tight ship and they are extremely organized. You truly are treated like a star!”

Here’s what else she told us about…

How the Idea Came About

VideoVideo related to goat pet products on ‘shark tank’: a look inside the speakers that give your furry friends a voice2018-01-14T19:01:35-05:00

After working in the pet industry for years launching products for other manufactures, I gained the experience and passion to venture out on my own. We came up with the idea of the G.O.A.T Pet Speaker after realizing we weren’t the only family that gives their pet a voice and talks for them. I started noticing how social media is flooded with people making accounts for their pet and talking for them. I wanted to give us all a product that could make the wish that their pets have a voice a reality.

Advice for ‘Tank’ Contestants

Stay the course and pursue…don’t wait for what will happen next. You need to be patient, but also not afraid to make some calls and follow-up emails. It’s up to you to make it to the top of the pile. Thousands of entrepreneurs are rallying to be noticed and you need to stand out and stay humble. If you hear back from them, know it’s only the first step of many and keep the deadlines they give you. But definitely don’t just wait for that initial call, treat it like it’s the biggest sales call of your life, because it is! I’m not a patient person but the process definitely requires patience.

Their Philanthropic Component

Consumers also have responded amazingly to loving our cause/charity partners. Project K-9 Hero that is also Michigan based, provide retirement benefits to retired police and military K-9s that have risked their lives to protect us. The government does not offer retirement befits for our K-9 heroes, so Project K-9 Hero does. Axel, their ambassador, and his handler Amanda assisted me with presenting to the Sharks on Shark Tank and Axel’s lines were recorded by the founder of Project K9 Hero, Jason Johnson. Our yummy healthy GOAT Milk Dog Treats are hand made by the wonderful people at the Eisenhower Center in Wisconsin, and provide jobs for Americans with disabilities. I work closely with David Ordan, their director, to ensure we offer the best treats on the market with the best cause.

Other Tank products for pets:

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