WATCH: Video Shows Firefighters Rescuing Teen From California Mudslide

The video above shows the dramatic footage of 14-year-old Lauren Cantin being rescued by firefighters after a massive mudslide hit Montecito, California.

The girl was discovered after firefighters searching the area with canines heard a scream, according to NBC News.

The rescuers initially had a hard time pinpointing exactly where Cantin was because of the heavy rain that was falling, but eventually they were able to find where she was and began to dig in order to save her.

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It took the use of jaws of life, along with other tools to finally free the teen after six hours Tuesday morning.

“I thought I was dead there for a minute,” Cantin, covered head to toe in sludge as she was pulled out of the devastating mudslide, told rescuers.

Though she needed some assistance, she was able to stand and walk before being taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Heavy rainfall and mudslides have devastated Southern California, and at least 13 people have been killed due to the conditions, The Los Angeles Times reported.

In addition, “six homes near the coastal community of Montecito were ‘wiped away from their foundations’ by mudflow and debris,'” Santa Barbara County fire spokesman Mike Eliason said, according to the news site.

In addition to Cantin’s rescue, emergency responders saved several others, including motorists as the mud reached waist-level, after they failed to evacuate despite warnings to do so.

Over 1,600 people in Santa Barbara County lost power due to the natural disaster, KSBY reported.

Read on for further videos and photos of the devastation:

“The largest fire in #California history, #ThomasFire, continues to terrorize with today’s storm,” @juliangonzalez tweeted. “Picture is #Montecito, US HWY 101 covered in #mudslide”:

“Drone video captures debris covering Highway 101 in California amid severe rain causing flooding and mudslides,” @NewYork_SPIN wrote. “#drone #flood #california #rain #flood #mud #mudslide”:

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“DEADLY MUDSLIDE DISASTER: The death toll is growing in California, where a major winter storm struck overnight, triggering mudslides, prompting evacuations and with first responders reporting dozens of rescues,” the ABC video below is captioned:

Highway 101 was completely shut down in “The Golden State,” as seen in the following footage:

“Watch a #mudslide in progress in #Burbank #California,” @jasonkcnn tweeted. “Crews expect these waves to grow as #floodwaters pick up more debris”:

@Nathalia2324 requested prayers for her hometown of Santa Barbara:

The heavy rains fell in areas recently devastated by wildfires, which triggered warnings of flash flooding and mudslides. Typically vegetation would help to hold the hills together, however it was more vulnerable to the devastation because it had burned away.

According to the National Weather Service, the rain was falling at a rate of more than 1.5 inches per hour in parts of Southern California.

“More flash flooding possible Montecito/Carpinteria,” a message on Santa Barbara County’s website reads. The site warned citizens to “leave debris flow areas now” and to “go to high ground.”

Several theme parks were closed due to the weather including SeaWorld in San Diego and Legoland in Carlsbad.