Recharj on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Power Nap & Mediation Studio

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Recharj entered the Shark Tank with its company whose mission is to spread awareness of contemplative and restorative practices by offering meditation classes and powernap sessions. As their name implies, many of them are held at intervals during the workday, to give their students a much-needed retreat from daily pressures. They offer six guided meditation classes named de-stress, mantra, mindfulness, mindful movement, sound bath and yoga nidra, and power nap sessions in their cocoons.

“While the stress and noise of the outside world continues to become complicated and discordant, we continue to promote self-care as a priority. We strive to be a sanctuary of calm amidst the storm,” explained founder Daniel Turissini, who we interviewed prior to his Tank episode airing. ” A DC native, he launched the company in downtown Washington in December of 2016. Beside this flagship location, they have an additional studio in Bethesda, Maryland, with plans of more in cities worldwide.

Here’s what else he told us about…

How His Need to Power Nap Started the Company

Following college and graduate school, I started as a think-tank consultant in Washington, DC. While the position was stable and lucrative, my persistent entrepreneurial itch was left unscratched. As I began climbing the corporate ladder, my responsibilities increased, stress levels escalated, and sleep became a luxury. I was not on a sustainable path and found myself at the brink of burnout. This became the tipping point to search for a cool, comfy and quiet space to power nap in the middle of the workday. Along the way, I quickly discovered that I was not alone in the pursuit of a mid-day snooze. When I couldn’t find a space remotely suitable, I decided I would build the power napping oasis of my dreams.

A Student’s Success Story

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Some students come to Recharj to work through trauma and pain, while others are looking to alleviate stress and anxiety or simply achieve balance in their life. One of our Recharj members is an executive at a large IT company. As with many high-powered C-suite professionals, she has found falling and staying asleep at night to be a challenge. She tried all the traditional Western remedies, however nothing worked effectively. She met Recharj with curiosity and skepticism, trying out Paige Lichen’s Yoga Nidra classes. She found the guided meditation practice to be relaxing and rejuvenating. Most importantly, she discovered the tools to a transformative night’s rest. Since then, she has become a fixture at the studio.

Advice to Future ‘Tank’ Contestants

-Breathe. The fact that you are standing in front of the Sharks is a meaningful and significant accomplishment.
-Be present. This opportunity avails itself to so few people. Don’t allow fear to hijack the moment. Allow yourself to tune in to the full experience.
-Believe in yourself and your idea. Defend yourself with conviction, because you -and no one else- are your best advocate.
-It’s how you play the game. Getting a deal in the Tank is great, but don’t sacrifice the war for any one battle. Deal or no deal, this process forces you to think more creatively, to prepare more diligently, and to improve the business in every facet.

Their Instructors

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In large urban markets such a Washington, DC, there is a wide and diverse pool of professional services. Most of our teachers have come to us through the growing network and community of contemplative and restorative practices. Recharj actively screens, interviews, and auditions all prospective teachers, ensuring relevant experience, certifications, soft skills and Recharj culture alignment. Among these criteria, teacher qualifications depend on the practice specialty. So, for instance, our yoga nidra teachers are certified to teach Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra. Many of our teachers are leaders in their field, published authors, and educators. As an example, one of our teachers, Lu Hanessian, is an award-winning science journalist, author, mindfulness, meditation and wellbeing educator, certified in applied positive psychology, interpersonal neurobiology, and parent/family education, with extensive studies in brain science, relationships and conflict resolution, the science of trauma, resilience and positive change.

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