Stasher on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Non-Plastic Bags That Keep Food Fresh

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Stasher entered the Shark Tank with their reusable non-plastic bag with a pinch-press seal to keep food fresh. An alternative to plastic, it is composed of silicone, which is freezer, microwave, dishwasher and boiling water safe.

We interviewed Kat Nouri, who launched the company at the International Housewares Show in Chicago in March of 2016. Since then, she’s sold hundreds of thousands of bags, which can be found at places like The Container Store, Sur La Table, Target and Amazon, and thousands of independent retailers.

As for the future of Stasher, Nouri has plans to partner with some national chains, and hopes to one day expand with Whole Foods, since they are already in their Northern California and Manhattan stores. “We’re always thinking about the next thing and stasher has so much room to grow in so many different directions and channels,” she said.

Here’s what else she told us about…

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How the Idea Came About

I was already designing beautiful, innovative silicone products with modern-twist, but was frustrated every time I reached for a plastic bag or container. Having the knowledge resources, I wanted to produce a healthier alternative to plastic bags and containers that had all the functionality of plastics with the purity of glass.

Being Plastic-Free

We have to turn off the faucet when it comes to the consumption and disposal of plastics. There are lots of great programs, like Plastic Bank, helping to clean up and recycle. Along with that, we are providing a healthier alternative to plastic that is functional and affordable. 

Experience in the ‘Tank’

Once I got into the tank, the entrepreneur in me kicked in and it was just another meeting with investors that questioned the viability of your idea and your brand/company. 


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