Timothy Brennan: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Facebook Brentwood, Washington high school teacher Timothy Brennan is accused of sending nude photos and obscene videos via Snapchat to a student.

A high school teacher has been arrested after being accused of sending sexually explicit photos and videos to a female student via Snapchat.

Timothy Brennan, 45, of Washington, worked as a science teacher at Kentwood High School in Covington, where he met the victim. The man is accused of sending the lewd content to the student beginning when she was 14. At the time of Brennan’s arrest, the girl was 17.

According to police, the teen said Brennan didn’t show his face in the snaps, and she didn’t realize she was interacting with a teacher until recognizing an article of clothing Brennan wore to school, which matched what she had seen in a message.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Police Say He Repeatedly Sent Photos of His Genitalia & Videos of Himself Masturbating to the Teen

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Kent School DistrictA photo from the Kent School District’s website. At the time of publishing, his profile was still up on the site.

Brennon was charged last week with sending sexually explicit Snapchat messages to the teen student over the course of two years.

According to seattlepi.com, the suspect “turned himself in to authorities January 4.”

On November 7, the teen contacted the school’s administration department about the interactions after realizing the perpetrator was a teacher at her school. The girl said Brennan sent her photos of his genitalia and also videos of himself masturbating.

2. When the Girl Asked About His Identity, He Said if He Told Her it Would ‘Mess Up His Marriage & His Job’

The alleged victim said she initially assumed it was another student sending the messages, Q13 Fox reported.

Because the snaps Brennan is suspected of sending didn’t show his face, the teen asked who was sending the offensive messages. The suspect, who reportedly went by “Seanbee4” on Snapchat, told the girl he couldn’t give that information because it would “mess up his marriage and his job,” according to police reports.

While the girl repeatedly told Brennan to stop messaging her, she also tried to engage the suspect in conversation in hopes of learning his identity, court records state.

In a Facebook post about the incident, Sebastian Belvo responded that Brennan was his “freshman science teacher.”

“It was a shock to me but all the girls always thought he was kind of a pervert,” Belvo wrote. “Sucks that it happened but it’s life.”

3. The Victim Reportedly Connected Him After Recognizing a Jacket He Wore, & He Allegedly Asked Her to Have Sex in a ‘Back Office’

The victim reportedly connected Brennan to the alleged abuse after recognizing a dark green jacket he wore to school, and recalled from a message he had sent exposing his penis that he was wearing what appeared to be the same jacket, according to authorities. The reports indicate that the student then looked up Brennan’s photo in the school’s directory and realized his hair was the same color as the man sending her the lewd photos and videos.

After confronting Brennan on Snapchat where he confirmed his identity, the victim reportedly asked him to stop contacting her, which he did for about a month, according to Seattle Pi. However, he began contacting her again and even went so far as to asking her to “have sex” with him in a back office of his classroom.

According to reports, the teen also received at least one email from Brennan’s school email address to hers, in which he invited her to do schoolwork in his classroom even though she wasn’t his student.

4. The Girl Had a Panic Attack, Prompting Her to Report the Alleged Abuse

In addition to inviting the teen to a “back office,” Brennan also reportedly showed up at her work twice after she confronted him. One of those times he was joined by his family, and the other time he was alone. The teen said he made her feel uncomfortable, and she asked a co-worker to help him, according to court documents.

According to police reports, the girl said she had a panic attack after seeing Brennan at school. After friends expressed concern, the victim reportedly told them what happened, and they subsequently encouraged her to report the alleged abuse.

The teen then told school officials about the incidents, after which police were called.

5. The School Sent an Email to Parents on November 30

Although Snapchat content disappears soon after being opened, detectives were able to find data that connected the suspect’s Snapchat account to the girl through his phone number and city of residence.

An email from Kentwood High School Principal John R. Kniseley II was sent out to parents on November 30 to inform them of the situation. The email stated:

Recently, we received and responded to allegations of inappropriate behavior made against one of our staff members,” the email read in part. “Per our policy dealing with student safety, the employee was immediately removed from service, halting any contact with students. Local law enforcement was then notified, and the school district has been cooperating fully with the police investigation.

Brennon was charged with two counts of communication with a minor for immoral purposes. He was booked into the King County Regional Justice Center where he remained at the time of publishing. His bail is set at $150,000.

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