Will it Snow in Florida? Weather System Brings Cold to Sunshine State


A major snowstorm could hit the northeast United States by the end of the week, potentially bringing up to a foot of snow — or more — in parts of northern Virginia all the way north to Maine. This weather system is so large, in fact, that weather from Florida to Canada will be affected. That said, the big question remains: Will it snow in Florida?

“Regardless, as the storm strengthens, winds will increase hundreds of miles away from the center of the circulation beginning Wednesday and Wednesday night. Blustery and cold conditions are in store as far south as Florida, the Bahamas, and Cuba,” reports Accuweather.

On January 1, 2018, the National Weather Service posted the following map, showing that areas in central and northern Florida will see some serious freezing. The map also suggests that accumulating snow is “possible.”

Will it snow in Florida

The weather forecast does not predict several inches of snow, but some meteorologists in the Sunshine State say that it wouldn’t be out of the question to see some of that powdery goodness. Not only is the weather mass over the United States completely unstable, but the temperatures in some Florida cities will be hovering around freezing (some will even dip below). This suggests that any precipitation in the air could fall as snow.

Tampa-area meteorologist Denis Philips has been talking quite a bit about the possibility of snow in Florida this winter.

“For a lot of us, It’s kind of fun to think about the prospects of “snow” in Florida. We had chances about 5 years ago, when the GFS actually showed a bit of it “sticking”. It didn’t happen. This time, the Euro shows a slight, repeat, SLIGHT chance for a couple of snowflakes on Wednesday. Doubtful, but not impossible. See the dotted blue line? That’s what we call the 540 line, or the “rain/snow” line. If everything set up, look North of that line. Doubtful? Yes. Still, kind of fun to think about,” Philips posted on Facebook last week.

In Miami, the lowest temperature expected this week is 42 degrees. In Tampa, the lowest temperature is 35. Orlando will see a low of 33 a couple of days this week while Jacksonville and Tallahassee will see low temps in the 20s!

While it’s fairly rare for central and southern Florida to see snowflakes, there might be some serious flakes flying in Tampa, Orlando, Lakeland, and even Daytona Beach. Further north, the chance of snow goes up in a pretty major way. According to the map below, areas from Gainesville to Jacksonville will be seeing rain changing to snow.

Florida residents and Snow Birds seem to have mixed reactions to just the thought of the white stuff. While some Floridians are thrilled to have some cooler weather moving in, others (especially those who moved to the southern state from snow-prone states) aren’t looking forward to seeing even one flake.

As far as actual accumulation goes, meteorologists haven’t put together any kind of map for that just yet. If the cold really settles in, there’s a good chance that some areas will see a couple of inches. Enough to have to buy a shovel? Maybe. However, temps during the day will still be in the 50s, so any snow that Florida sees will melt rather quickly.

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