WATCH: Avocados From Mexico Super Bowl Commercial 2018 [FULL VIDEO]

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People lose their minds in Avocado from Mexico’s 2018 Super Bowl Commercial.

A 60-second ad was released last week (shown above), but a 30-second spot will air during the second quarter of the game tonight.

The commercial opens on a strange biodome that has kept everything “bad” outside and has sealed in everything “good”. People seem at peace, getting massages, listening to beautiful orchestra music, and getting autographs from Chris Elliot, until they realize that there are Avocados from Mexico on the inside of the dome, but the chips were left outside.

As soon as the first person realizes the chips were left on the outside, everyone starts to lose their mind, screaming, writing HELP on the glass dome, shoving each other’s heads into massage chairs, and even shaving their own heads. This goes on for about 20 seconds until the woman who seems to run the dome tells them all that isn’t a big problem.

“Wait! Wait, wait! Avocados taste great on lots of things! See? Avocado toast!” she says, holding up a delicious looking slice of avocado toast. After that, everyone starts to calm down. Until they realize that the wifi is down. Then we can only assume a similar bout of drama will ensue.

Speaking to Adweek, Chris Elliot said, “Being part of the Big Game, and being in a commercial during the Big Game… for a guy like me it’s sort of a dream come true.” He then jokes, “Who’s playing?”

Alvaro Luque, the President of Avocados from Mexico, tells the outlet, “Avocados from Mexico is all about versatility. That’s why we brought Chris Elliot into the ad. He’s a very versatile actor, he brings comedy and presence to our ad, so we think that with him, we can deliver the right message.”

Kevin Hamilton, the senior director of Brand Marketing for the company, echoes Luque’s sentiments, saying, “Chris Elliot is perfect. He has that range in the comedic space that goes from one end to the other and he does it with excellence.”

Chris Elliot isn’t the only star making an appearance in a commercial tonight. Other celebrities who will make appearances on our screens include Peter Dinklage, Morgan Freeman, Chris Pratt, Bill Hader, Cardi B, Peyton Manning, and Tiffany Haddish, just to name a few. Some surprising cameos will be made by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

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