Mark Conditt Used ‘Kelly Killmore’ Alias on FedEx Package

Mark Anthony Conditt

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Austin bombing suspect Mark Conditt used the alias “Kelly Killmore” when he mailed the packages at FedEx, authorities have just shared. Conditt was killed after he detonated a bomb in his car on I-35 when police were closing in on him. Here’s everything we know about the alias he used.

Conditt called himself “Kelly Killmore” when he shipped two packages containing bombs at a FedEx in Austin on Sunday night just after 7:30 p.m. An hour later, two men were injured from a tripwire bomb in the Austin area. Conditt wore a blonde wig, gloves, a green shirt and a dark-colored baseball cap when he mailed the packages at FedEx.

Conditt wrote the name on the shipping label he affixed to one of the two packages that he mailed, NBC 24 reported. The label was on a package found Tuesday at the FedEx sorting facility in McKinney Falls Parkway. This is the package that did not detonate.

Conditt also wrote a fake address on the shipping label and used the 78745 ZIP code.

Kelly Killmore was likely a morbid play on words. According to NBC 24 and ABC News, the name was listed on the label as who the package was sent from, not who was receiving the package.

ATF explosive experts have been able to reconstruct the devices that Conditt used and determined that the internal components of the bombs were all made by the same person. They found similar components in his home, they said during a press conference.

Mark Anthony Conditt died after detonating a bomb while police were trying to detain him in Round Rock. He is the suspected serial bomber that had been leaving bombs in Austin since March 2, killing two people and injuring more. His home was later identified as being in Pflugerville, a small city just north of Austin. Conditt lived at the intersection of 2nd Street and West Wilbarger Street, about 20 miles north of downtown, with two roommates. Conditt and his father, William Conditt, bought the house together in 2017 and Mark was working on remodeling it.

Authorities traced Mark Conditt’s car to a hotel in Round Rock, near Pflugerville. Some sources say he was at the Red Roof Inn in Round Rock and others say he was at The Woodsprings Suites, right next door off I-35 South. The suspect left the hotel when SWAT surrounded it. He was followed and he drove into a ditch off I-35, detonated a device in his car, and was killed. One police officer was slightly injured in the explosion.

This is a developing story.

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