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A female PE teacher in Ohio has been suspended and accused of having sex though her defense is that she’s being blackmailed by one of the alleged victim’s parents. The Canton Repository has named the teacher as Tiffany Marie Eichler nee James. In a statement, the Canton City School District said that they were “extremely disappointed and disturbed by the reprehensible conduct” of Eichler.

The statement continued to say Eichler “does not represent the high quality teachers of this district. She has been placed on leave, without pay, pending the resolution of the ongoing law enforcement investigation.” The Repository reports that Eichler was placed on leave on March 16. The terms of her leave forbid her from being on school property or contacting students. The Repository report quotes Eichler’s lawyer, Bradley Iams, as saying his client would “cooperate with the investigation.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. A Police Report Says that One of Eichler’s Alleged Victims Asked Her for $180 to Treat an Ailment

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The Canton Repository reports that Eichler told police that she had sex with one student twice in one day. That alleged abuse occurred in her car and the victim’s basement. That student later asked the teacher for $180 for an antibiotic for a mysterious ailment. The exact ailment is redacted from the police report.

Other instances of alleged abuse, according to Canton Rep, included having sex with a student in her office as well as having sex in a park with a different student during a parent/teacher conference. Eichler made contact with her alleged victims via Snapchat. That contact began in January 2018.

WOIO reports that on March 8, Eichler went to school officials to say that she was being blackmailed by one of the alleged victim’s parents.

2. Eichler Gave Birth to Her 4th Child in April 2013

According to an announcement from the Kent Record Courier, Eichler and her husband, Greg Eichler, had their fourth child, Garrett, in April 2013. His birth was the couple’s fourth child.

3. Eichler’s Most Recent Evaluation Designated Her as a ‘Skilled Educator’

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The Canton Rep reports that Eichler has worked as a teacher in Ohio since 2007 as a tutor, substitute teacher and as a softball coach. Eichler has one traffic violation on her record. There are no disciplinary offenses on her professional record. Eichler became a full-time teacher at McKinley for the 2017-2018 school year having previously been a part-time teacher at a middle school in the district.

4. It’s Texas that Leads the Way in Prosecuting Teachers Accused of Abusing Students

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In November 2016, Texas State Representative Tony Dale sought to pass legislation that would prevent, as Dale says, teachers merely resigning and moving. Dale said of his legislation, “HB 218 increases penalties and close loopholes that allow educators who engage in inappropriate relationships to resign and obtain employment in another district. This bill seeks to allow Texas the tools we need to get rid of teachers who prey on our children.”

5. Female Educators Make Up a Small Fraction Teacher/Student Sexual Assault Convictions

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Slate reported that female educators make up 4 percent of convicted rapists in teacher/student sexual assault cases in 2006. While in 2016, former Department of Education chief of staff, Terry Abbott, wrote in the Washington Post that teacher/student sexual assault cases were on the rise. For example, in Kentucky in 2011, the state saw the number of such cases nearly double.

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