WATCH: Video From Inside Florida School Lockdown

Screenshot Twitter Video

With no official reports, terrified students post videos, images and pleas for information and help during a lockdown Tuesday morning at the Osceola County School of the Arts in Kissimmee, Florida.

Frightening video tells the story.

Posted by AJ, who says, “This SHOULD NOT be my learning environment. #GunControlNow

During a Periscope live video, students hiding and speaking in whispers as SWAT and police K-9 teams comb the school, share their fear as commenters on the live video offer encouragement and recommend they “call your worried parents.”

Here’s the link the the then-live Periscope video. At the end of the more than 45-minute video documenting the lockdown, one can hear the PA system announce it’s all clear and to just go about your regular day, which based on he reactions of students may be difficult.

Meanwhile, there’s a student activist die-in happening in Tallahassee.

And lawmakers labor over a proposed gun/school safety bill.

This is the location of the Osceola County School of the Arts.

Florida school lockdown, police K9, SWAT search Florida school,

Osceola County School of the Arts, site of lock-down with K-9, SWAT teams searching school as students hide.