Police Standoff Ends With Armed Man Dead After Posting Breakdown Live on Facebook

Devin Fierro

Facebook/Bill Trojann Bill Trojann, a Gloversville resident, posted this photo on Facebook: "SWAT Team aims his rifle at house where gunman is hiding out on North Main Street in Gloversville. Shots fired. Nine shots fired by police."

Devin Fierro, 30, armed with a shotgun and who posted his breakdown on Facebook, was in a standoff with police in upstate New York for several hours Friday. Police responded to an inital call of a man outdoors with a shotgun. But once police arrived, he was no longer outside on a cold, snowy spring day.

Inside the house in Gloversille, Fierro was streaming videos to Facebook. In them, he was unstable, erratic, rambling, and armed with a shotgun. After more than five hours on the scene, and after numerous shots were fired in the mid-afternoon, police deployed a drone or robotic unit into the house. But at 6:40 p.m., it was reported police said, “The situation in the city of Gloversville has been resolved.”

Police were seen entering the house after 6 p.m. Fierro was not brought out. Police have not confirmed it but local media reports said Fierro is dead.

According to Bill Trojann, a Gloversville resident, photographer and educator on the scene, “SWAT Team aims his rifle at house where gunman is hiding out on North Main Street in Gloversville. Shots fired. Nine shots fired by police.” Trojann also reported an ambulance arrived on the scene at around 3:40 p.m.

The Herald Ledger reported a SWAT negotiator could be heard saying over a loud speaker “Devin, this is your last chance — come to the window so we can talk.” Shots rang out, but the paper said, “It was not clear at this point who fired the rounds.”

In this video police can be heard saying, ‘Devin, come to the window or answer the phone so we can make sure you’re okay and so’s (it sounds like the officer says, Bella or Ella).” It’s not clear who he is referring to but there was a dog in the videos.

At around 1 p.m., neighbors were first alerted via robo-calls and a Facebook post by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office that they were responding to a “situation” in Gloversville and warned residents in the area of N. Main between Fifth Avenue and Ninth Avenue to ‘please stay in your residence and lock your doors.’

Police did not report, but Heavy located, Facebook live video of Fierro inside an unkempt apartment with writing on the walls, where he was visibly unstable ranting, crying and acting erratically referring to himself as a “fallen angel.” In one video, he shows a shotgun and ammunition, saying he’s the most “gangster person in the world.” He cries out he’s sick of “this war, death, everything …no more, no more. No more lust. No more greed.” He positions the camera to a white board with crucifixes and words like ‘devil,’ and ‘be good,’ written on it. He again pans to the shotgun.

On his videos, people were pleading with him to surrender and hoping police would negotiate with Fierro who was clearly unwell.

“dear devon, look how many people hope you will be alright we r human we make mistakes too we r praying for you buddy and all those who care about you.”

Fierro’s last video post was at around 1:30 p.m. A Facebook user documenting the scene, as well as local media reporting from more than a block away, said police had cut power and internet so that Fierro could not stream what was happening.

A SWAT team appeared on the scene at around 2:30 p.m. Within an hour, shots rang out. By 6:30, police said the incident had “been resolved.”

Some who knew him posted on Feirro’s Facebook page that the incident was out of character for him.

“I’m a old friend of his and this is nuts I just can’t believe this shit. I know Devin isn’t perfect and no one is. I don’t live locally anymore so I can’t just go see him. Can someone please go and reach out to him. He’s a good guy n he looks out for his friends it’s time to look out for him.”

And others encouraged people to reserve judgment.

“Everyone who is dismissing this man and insulting him or even making light of his situation: you’re not helping and shame on you. Some of you are even suggesting that he should take his own life? What the fuck. Clearly this is a man who needs help. It’s easy to laugh at him because he’s acting hysterically deviant, but have a sense of heart. This is a human being, just like the rest of us. Just because you have a more psychological grip on life doesn’t mean you get to patronize those who don’t. Get off your high-horse. Recognize that this is a person who needs help. Clearly he has had some sort of breakdown. Don’t feed the problem, but instead say something positive or reach out to try to help him.”

A person who said he’s a friend posted this plea to Fierro:

“Devin. I’m sorry I couldn’t answer your past two calls. I just saw the voicemails. You told me in the messages I was the only one who cared for you. Although this is not true, I do care for you and your safety. I’m here now, and I’m by my phone. Please call me. I know it’s hard to see straight right now, do not go on your instinct, do not go on your emotion. You told me over the message I was put on this earth to save your life. Right now I would like to do exactly that, put your hands on your head, inform the police you are coming out, listen to every command from them. You will get through this if you do what they tell you, and nothing else. I love you, god be with you. Please don’t hurt yourself, the police, your family, anyone. Everything can be rectified, if you need me I’m here.”

In this video, Fierro is seen cradling his dog, sobbing saying “I love you, baby. I love you, doggie.” He pauses for several seconds before promising his dog he’s going to be a “righteous man, lead a righteous life,” he says “devils” are nearby. (Some commented that the dog appeared to be lifeless, but the video shows that’s not the case; the small black dog’s eyes and face can be seen and if appears to be okay as Fierro rocks back and forth while holding the dog.)

This story has been updated to correct that Fierro is not performer It’s Nique.

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