Tyler Baltierra’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Tyler Baltierra and wife Catelyn Lowell have had their relationship in headlines for about a decade, and along with them, their families have been thrust into the spotlight as well. Baltierra’s mother has been a steady rock for the two throughout their lives together, but some of their other family members have not been as easy to count on over the years. This season on Teen Mom OG, Baltierra and Lowell announced their latest pregnancy news, only for the experience to end in a miscarriage. They have also tried to keep in contact with their daughter Carly, who they gave up for adoption. Lowell struggled in dealing with the miscarriage, so she checked herself into rehab, while Baltierra stayed home to care for their daughter Nova. Unfortunately, Baltierra has a lot on his plate as well, especially when it comes to his father, who has been in and out of jail, as well as rehab, for his entire life. Get to know more about Baltierra’s family below.

1. Lowell’s Mother Was Married to Baltierra’s Dad

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When Lowell and Baltierra first appeared on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant as a pregnant teen couple, Baltierra’s dad Butch and Lowell’s mom April were married at the time. Both April and Butch struggled to keep a stable lifestyle on their own, and also with their kids. The ex-couple actually met through their kids (Lowell and Baltierra), making the two step-siblings. When Lowell and Baltierra decided to give up their first born for adoption, April and Butch were against the idea and it caused a lot of family turmoil. The two ended up moving in with Baltierra’s mother. In 2013, the couple decided to divorce, after Butch and April went through physical altercations, a no contact order and drug abuse, according to The Ashleys Reality Roundup. The couple had been together since 2009.

2. Baltierra’s Sister Amber Was Arrested on a Drug-Related Charge

In February 2018, it was revealed that Baltierra’s sister Amber was arrested a few years ago, according to Radar Online, on a drug-related charge. On April 10, 2013, Amber was arrested “for possession of a controlled substance paraphernalia and operation in violation of license restriction.” She later pled guilty to the charges.

3. Amber Baltierra Was Recently Accused of Being on Crystal Meth on TV

This season on Teen Mom OG, Baltierra’s father implied that his sister was possibly doing drugs or not being responsible in one way or another. Butch said, “Amber got me so worried. Those grandkids. I go to rehab then I abandon them. I been taking care of everything over there. They got nothing to eat sometimes.” Fans watching the show jumped to conclusions online and even accused Amber of looking “strung out” on drugs on the show. Amber took to social media to defend herself, writing that, “For everybody that thinks I’m on crystal meth, I feel so bad for you. I really do. I really feel bad for you that you’re that naive to the fact of MTV and their editing.” Baltierra also was sure to call out his dad for misrepresenting his sister, explaining that, “So for everyone commenting on my sister’s situation. 1) Remember my father is a drug addict who has mastered the art of manipulation. 2) The bill was getting transferred from my dads name into hers & the power was out for literally 4 hours. 3) Her kids are fed & taken care of FYI.” Amber is married to husband Billy Wade Elkins Jr.

4. Baltierra’s Dad Was Kept Away from His Granddaughter Carly

When Lowell and Baltierra tied the knot, they invited their biological daughter Carly and her adoptive parents Brandon and Teresa to the wedding. One request was that Baltierra’s father steer clear of little Carly. Unfortunately for them, Butch felt that as the biological grandfather, he had every right to meet Carly. So, at the wedding he went up to Carly and told her how cute she was. He kept the interaction short. Years ago, Baltierra’s mother also took it upon herself to contact Carly’s adoptive parents, which also caused an issue.

5. In 2013, Lowell and Baltierra Became His Sister’s Legal Guardians

Lowell and Baltierra were just 21 years old when they attained custody of Baltierra’s younger sister Amber in 2013. At the time, Baltierra tweeted the news to his social media followers, writing, “2 days after taking the responsibility of taking guardianship of my lil sister, she got a job! Me & @CatelynnLowell are beyond proud of her.” Baltierra also tweeted, “Raising a teen is not easy! But I love my lil sister & will stop at NOTHING to make sure she is well prepared for her future #FamilySupport.” Currently, Baltierra and Lowell are raising their little girl, Nova, who also models for their clothing line. Nova is pictured above.