Eric Schneiderman’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Eric Schneiderman, the New York attorney general who resigned on May 7, 2018 amidst abuse allegations, has been married once, to ex-wife Jennifer Cunningham, with whom he has a daughter named Catherine.

The New York AG’s political career came to a stunning end after four women accused him of abuse in New Yorker Magazine. Schneiderman resigned, saying, “While these allegations are unrelated to my professional conduct or the operations of the office, they will effectively prevent me from leading the office’s work at this critical time. I therefore resign my office, effective at the close of business on May 8, 2018.”

That has a lot of people wondering about Eric Schneiderman’s family. His ex-wife, Jennifer, has been involved in politics for years in New York. According to Ballotpedia, Cunningham “is a political consultant and a partner for SKDKnickerbocker’s New York office. She was also a prominent registered New York lobbyist until 2010. She has been active in New York state politics for more than 15 years.” She was once named one of the 100 most influential women in New York business.

According to, “Any credible list of the most influential nonelected officials in New York politics has to include Jennifer Cunningham.” She called Schneiderman her “best friend” even after their divorce, the site reports.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Schneiderman Was Married Once in 1990 & His Ex-Wife Is Defending Him

Eric Scheiderman has an ex-wife, as he was married once to Jennifer Cunningham Schneiderman, according to a 1990 wedding announcement in The New York Times.

She has defended him in the wake of the allegations. Jennifer Cunningham, now divorced from Schneiderman, was described as “a prominent lobbyist,” and said, according to Newsday: “I have known Eric for nearly 35 years as a husband, father and friend. These allegations are completely inconsistent with the man I know, who has always been someone of the highest character, outstanding values and a loving father. I find it impossible to believe these allegations are true.”

The wedding announcement said that Jennifer Edith Cunningham was the daughter of Janice P. Cunningham of Middletown, Connecticut and the late P. Jerome Cunningham.

Jennifer was 29-years-old when she married Schneiderman and was keeping her name, according to The Times. She graduated from Wesleyan University and was a law student at New York University “where she is a Root Tilden Snow Scholar,” said the wedding announcement.

The wedding announcement said that Jennifer’s father “was the director of financial aid at Wesleyan University. Her mother is a history preservation consultant.”

In March 2018, Jennifer wrote on Facebook: “Hiked Mt. Kilimanjaro last week. Incredible experience. 19,341 feet!” Cunningham’s wife was credited with helping make gay marriage a reality in New York through her lobbying/PR efforts, and she was quoted as saying, “I think it was the perfect marriage of a public campaign that mobilized the majority of voters to support marriage coupled with a smart, strategic inside strategy.”

Cunningham was a member of Hillary Clinton’s Leadership Council for her presidential campaign.

2. Schneiderman’s Father Was a Lawyer at a New York Law Firm

eric schneiderman

GettyEric Schneiderman

Schneiderman’s father was a senior partner in the law firm of Cahill, Gordon & Reindel, which is located in New York. That detail was imparted in the wedding announcement, which added that Schneiderman’s parents are Abigail Heyward of Los Angeles and Irwin Schneiderman of New York.

Bloomberg once reported of Irwin Schneiderman, now deceased: “Mr. Schneiderman serves as a Trustee of Central Park Conservancy. He served as a Trustee of WNYC Radio, Inc. He served as a Directors Emeritus of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts Inc. Mr. Schneiderman served as a Director of Contel Cellular Inc. since 1990.” When he died, The New York Times called Irwin a “philanthropic leader.”

At the time of his marriage, Eric Schneiderman was working in the Lord Day & Lord, Barrett Smith law firm, which is also located in New York.

3. Schneiderman & Jennifer Had a Daughter Together & His Ex-Wife Works in Public Relations

According to Page Six, Eric Schneiderman and Jennifer Cunningham eventually divorced, but they had a daughter together named Catherine.

Jennifer Cunningham’s biography on the SKDKnickerbocker site says she “is one of New York’s most influential communication and political strategists” and was alled the “most powerful woman in Albany” by the New York Post.

“Cunningham brings her deep understanding of the intersection of press, politics and policy to bear on behalf of her clients. She has provided strategic communications and paid media services for many of the nation’s largest advocacy and nonprofit groups, including successful efforts to protect health care and pass marriage equality,” the biography notes.

In September 2017, Jennifer shared a story about Schneiderman suing Donald Trump over DACA to her Facebook page.

4. Jennifer Cunningham Guided Political Campaigns of Schneiderman & Andrew Cuomo

Page Six reported that, even after their divorce, Jennifer Cunningham helped shepherd Eric Schneiderman’s political career. They remained on good terms.

She also managed eventual governor Andrew Cuomo’s campaign for AG, and this caused tensions among the three, according to Page Six, which reported, “Back in 2005 and 2006, when she’d managed Andrew’s AG campaign, Cunningham had helped guide Schneiderman’s re-election campaign for state senate, too. Andrew brooked no rivals, personally or politically. He wanted Schneiderman gone.”

Cuomo called for Schneiderman to resign after the abuse allegations hit the pages of the New Yorker.

On her Facebook page, Cunningham has voiced support for Hillary Clinton and Michelle and Barack Obama, and she has been critical of Donald Trump and Steve Bannon.

5. Schneiderman’s Daughter Was Once Reportedly Engaged to Actor Matthew Newton

Actor Matthew Newton was “secretly engaged to girlfriend, Catherine Schneiderman, daughter to New York Attorney General, Eric,” UK Daily Mail reported in 2016.

Daily Mail Australia alleged: “Catherine has been seen wearing a large diamond ring while in New York, but removes the piece of jewelry when she visits her father.” Newton was previously accused of abuse by a girlfriend, Daily Mail reported at the time.

Catherine Schneiderman goes by the name “Cat.” She wrote on Facebook that she studied at Columbia University in the City of New York, went to Bard Early Colleges, and lives in New York. Cat wrote on Facebook with a photo of Jennifer, “I know I got it from my mama. The strongest woman I know and the best mother anyone could ask for.”

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