Is Ronaldo Going to Prison? No.

Getty Cristiano Renaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly accepted a suspended two-year prison sentence after the soccer star was accused of tax fraud by Spanish authorities. Ronaldo will pay $21.7 million to ensure his liberty, according to Spanish press reports on Friday.

Ronaldo agreed to the suspended prison sentence just hours before he was set to play with Portugal against Spain in the World Cup, according to El Mundo. Ronaldo, who normally plays for Real Madrid and is considered one of the two best players in the world, was accused of defrauding Spain’s tax authority of $17.7 million in relation to his image rights between 2011 and 2014, USA Today reports.

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GettyRonaldo leads Portugal into the World Cup on Friday.

Although he accepted the suspension, will Ronaldo actually serve any jail time? According to USA Today, the answer is: no, due to the lack of prior convictions.

“He initially denied tax evasion when the case was first presented and no resolution was found in the meantime. However, accepting a deal means that he would serve no jail time – as he has no prior convictions on his record.”

Ronaldo’s first settlement offer was rejected by prosecutors, but they finally settled on the sentence listed above. Although he won’t serve any time behind bars at the moment, that could change if he is “taken to task for subsequent infractions within the set, two-year period,” Sports Illustrated reports.

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