Joslyn Spilsbury: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Facebook Joslyn Spilsbury was killed Friday afternoon after a truck veered off the road and struck a group of people sitting at a Starbuck's patio.

One person is dead and four others are critically injured after a truck swerved off the road and crashed into a patio at a Starbucks in Millcreek, Utah. Unified Police said 48-year-old Joslyn Nicole Spilsbury of Salt Lake City died in the incident, according to Fox 13.

Officials believe that the 34-year-old driver of the truck may have suffered a medical episode before crashing, Good 4 Utah reports. The driver and the two children inside of the truck were taken to the hospital, investigators said.

The victim of the crash, Joslyn Spilsbury, was an independent clinical social worker in private practice, according to her LinkedIn profile. Here’s what you need to know about Spilsbury:

1. Spilsbury was a Mental Health Counselor with 20 Years’ Worth of Experience, Who Enjoyed Studying Neuroscience

Spilsbury was a mental health counselor who worked in a private practice in the Greater Salt Lake City Area and had over 20 years’ worth of experience in her field. Her LinkedIn profile states that she has been trying to focus on connecting with people in different countries to help spread her services globally.

“Due to the growing complexity of problems across the globe, I’m trying to connect with professionals from other countries,” her LinkedIn profile states. “We must pool our knowledge & think outside of the box to better address the wounds & suffering in our communities. Resources have been shrinking, so let’s find more creative solutions.”

Her profile states that keeping up on research was very important to Spilsbury. She found neuroplasticity interesting and she looked “forward to learning about the discoveries in neuroscience.”

She has owned and operated Joslyn Spilsbury, LLC since October of 2016.

2. She Focused Heavily on Grief Counseling & Trauma Related Issues Throughout Her Career

Spilsbury focuses much of her work on grief counseling and trauma related issues, utilizing Insight-Oriented Therapy, CBT and EMDR.

“Over the years, I have enjoyed reading Irvin Yalom’s work, so I suppose I have existential leanings,” her profile reads. “Recently, I have been incorporating Expressive Therapies & I’m impressed with the results.”

Spilsbury stated that she finds Epigenetics facinating, especially regarding transgenerational transmission of trauma, according to her profile. Epigenetics is defined as the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself. She found.

3. Spilsbury was Experienced in Many Facets of the Industry, Including Death, Loss, Trauma & Mood Disorders

Spilsbury primarily worked with adults, seniors and adolescents, but was interested in making connections around Utah to also assist children with therapy.

“Because I do not treat children, I’m looking for more connections to child therapists,” her profile reads. “If you are a child therapist in Utah, please connect with me for referrals.”

Spilsbury was a very experienced counselor in her field. She lists her expertise in a variety of areas including death, dying and bereavement, grief and loss, trauma, mood and anxiety disorders, and reproductive issues.

She posted numerous pictures on facebook in support of mental illness.

4. She Openly Supported the LGBT Community & Supported People of All Faiths & Walks of Life

Joslyn Spilsbury’s LinkedIn profile.

Spilsbury openely supported the LGBTQ community on her LinkedIn page. She was committed to improving access to affordable healthcare, and emphasized the importance of effective mental health and substance abuse treatment.

Although she claimed her ancestry as Mormon, she also stated that she does not practice the Mormon faith and is open and accepting to all faiths and walks of life.

“Due to the religious complexity of my community, addressing religious affiliation is sometimes required, consequently, my ancestry is Mormon & I do not practice the LDS religion. I support all faiths & those who are seeking their own truth.”

She closes her profile with an inspirational quote: “And sometimes, laughter really is the best medicine,” followed by a winking emoji.

5. Spilsbury Was a Student Democrat in College & “Enjoyed Getting Into Mischief”

Spilsbury was a part of the Women’s Coalition while attending college at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. She states that the Women’s Coalition was one of the first domestic violence shelters in America. She also took part in the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation, creating non-profit social services for the community. Spilsbury was a star pupil, graduating with a 3.9 GPA in 1997.

She was also a student at University of Utah College of Social and Behavioral Science, where she was a Student Democrat and enjoyed “getting into a little mischief.”

Her family described her as “beautiful, kind, and loving,” and they are “devastated by their loss,” according to KUTV2 News.