Millan Hupp: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Millan Hupp

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Millan Hupp’s last day with the Environmental Protection Agency will be Friday reports say.

The aide to embattled EPA chief Scott Pruitt signed off on extravagant travel spending, lavish and indulgent office supplies and ran personal errands for Pruitt who she told members of Congress was a close friend.

Hupp’s Twitter account is protected and private. Her online footprint is barely visible.

So who is the 26-year-old who rose from airport hotel worker to big check-signer, Director of Scheduling and Advance for the EPA?

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Hupp Graduated College in 2014 With a Hospitality Degree & Worked at Nashville Airport Hotel

According to her resume and LinkedIn page, Hupp earned a degree from Oklahoma State University and immediately following, worked for six months at the Nashville airport Embassy Suites hotel. In addition to covering duty shifts, she was a travel salesperson. Hupp says her role included meeting quarterly sales goals and “relationship building through community involvement and sales blitzes.”

She’d also done a five-month internship at the Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau. Before that, she worked at an eatery called Eskimo Joe’s as a server.

2. Six Months Into Her Hotel Gig, at Age 23, She Was Hired as Pruitt Finance Deputy, Later Named Campaign Operations Director

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Not listed on her LinkedIn save as a “political consultant,” but appears on her resume, filed with the federal government and uploaded online by the Center for Public Integrity, is her work for Pruitt as a political operative and showrunner for ‘Team Pruitt.’ Hired initially in February of 2015 as the deputy finance director for Pruitt, Hupp says her duties were to help develop and execute “a successful fundraising strategy.” Her job was to find and cultivate prospective donors and “prepared and executed regular briefings for the Attorney General on a variety of topics such as travel, donor meetings/calls, and scheduling, which would come in handy for her role at EPA. She says she “acted as primary, on the ground orchestrator of activity for the Attorney General during political travel on multiple occasions.”

Within 10 months, in December of 2015, she became the director of all operations for Team Pruitt. Now er dutes wer stepped up a notch: “primary contact and liaison for Attorney General Pruitt’s political team; main interface between AG Pruitt and Republican Attorneys General Association; main Interface between AG Pruitt and donors and political contacts; handled scheduling and staffing of political meetings and travel for the Attorney General; relationship cultivation and management with donors, organizations, lobbyists, constituents, and principals; managed every aspect of a campaign operation” to include “donor file, record keeping, finance management/compliance with state ethics commission;” she was responsible for “Inception to dissolution of a state committee” and as having expertise in communications, social media, general consulting, solicitation and prospecting, and polling,” she says, she also “prepared correspondence on behalf of the Attorney General.”

Hupp ran the show.

3. At The Same Time, While Running Team Pruitt, Hupp Became a Financial & Political Consultant for 2 GOP Super PACS

Hupp was a “financial and political consultant for two PACS beginning in the winter of 2015 and stayed until the November 2016 election: Liberty 2.0 Super PAC and the Oklahoma Strong Leadership PAC.

With the Liberty 2.0 Super PAC she says her main role was to bring in donations: “Execution of a variety of fundraising strategies, aided in developing and executing fundraising blueprints, responsible for prospecting for and securing contributions, prepared briefings and constructed messaging for public presentation, handled scheduling of fundraising meetings and travel and was frequently primary on location staffer, managed inception, operation and dissolution of the entity and was responsible for awareness and understanding of FEC requirements and compliance

Oklahoma Strong Leadership PAC was the same thing; bring in the cash. And she was paid almost $64,000 for her efforts helping to raise (and spend) more than $400,000 for each of the PACS.

According to, “49 organizations that contributed to Pruitt’s campaigns or PACs from 2010 to 2016 reported lobbying the EPA last year, according to campaign finance and lobbying records.”

Half of the $420,000 raised by the Liberty 2.0 PAC came from “energy interest,” Lucas Oil, Murray Energy, American Energy, Devon Energy, and the like, for example.

4. When Pruitt Was Named EPA Chief, Hupp Was Brought Onboard & She Brought Her Sister Along With Her

Sydney Hupp

Sydney Hupp Sydney Hupp

Actually, according to her LinkedIn page, sister Sydney worked at all the same jobs as Millan save for the hotel gig. Sydney’s career ran in tandem; she too worked for Pruitt by being deputy to her sister. She also worked at Eskimo Joe’s. And then went to the EPA as Executive Scheduler but left the job just four months in and was timed with when she and her sister were given pay increases that raised eyebrows and were widely criticized.

Sydney Hupp Twitter

Pruitt denied knowing anything about the Hupp sisters receiving pay bumps.

5. At EPA, Hupp Signed Off on Exorbitant Expenses & Told Congress She Did Personal Business For Close Friend Pruitt

Millan Hupp

GettyThen-Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt at his confirmation hearing January 18, 2017 .

It may end up that the searched-for used mattress from the Trump International Hotel and the $130-each silver customized pens will be part of Hupp’s legacy with the agency that was created to help preserve the environment.

In a letter from ranking member of the Congressional Committee on Oversight & Government Reform Rep. Elijah E. Cummings to the committee chair Trey Gowdy, Cummings included a transcript of an interview with Hupp. Among the discussions about her time spent house hunting for Pruitt and his wife, booking personal travel and other personal errands, she admitted reaching out on Pruitt’s behalf to the manager of the Trump hotel property about her boss wanting to buy an old mattress from the hotel.

And while the mattress request was seen as odd, it is the email exchange about the expensive pens that may best be recalled. An upscale jeweler in Washington sold the EPA 12 “customized silver fountain pens each emblazoned with the seal of the Environmental Protection Agency and the signature of its leader, Scott Pruitt,” as reported by The Washington Post.

There were personalized journals also part of the $3,230 order. The jeweler emailed Hupp to confirm the order: “The cost of the Qty. 12 Fountain Pens will be around $1,560.00. All the other items total cost is around $1,670.00 which these items are in process. Please advise.”

“Yes, please order,” Hupp replied, per the Post. “Thank you.”