WATCH: Taxi Hits World Cup Fans in Russia [Graphic Video & Photos]

A man was taken into custody in Moscow in connection with what was reported as a hit-and-run when the taxi driver allegedly jumped a curb near Red Square and struck World Cup fans. Reports indicate that the crash may have been an accident rather than a deliberate act, the AP reported.

The Twitter thread from NTV Russian indicates that the cab “drove into a crowd” and seven were injured. The driver apparently ran but was detained by authorities.

NTV, in a automatic Microsoft translation that is best summarized, says the driver, a citizen of Kirghizia, has a valid cab license albeit not specifically for the World Cup. NRV says the driver may have been intoxicated and that the accident was unintentional rather a result of driving under the influence, the Center for Traffic Organization of the Government of Moscow told NTV.

The Center for Traffic Organization of the Government of Moscow, posted the license of the man on Twitter.

It was initially reported the injured were from Mexico; that has not been confirmed.

Video shows people chasing the driver who fled the scene.

The tweet translated from Russian says, “Taxi driver in the center of Moscow drove into a crowd of Mexican fans and tried to escape. There are victims.”

An initial tweet from a Univision journalist read, “an incident has just occurred on the streets of Moscow. A taxi went up to the curb and hit some people. There are Mexican fans among the injured.”

A followup tweet a few minutes later said, “This is the incident taxi. The police railed the area. The driver ran after what happened. Developing… ”

The same Univision journalist, Juan Manuel Terán, tweeted an image of an injured person, adding the person is “not Mexican,” despite his earlier report.

“This is the image of the person who looked most damaged by the incident. Everything indicates that it is not Mexican.”

Two hours after the incident was first reported, Moscow transportation authorities and police have cleared the scene and the streets near Red Square had re-opened.

There’s still no update on injures.

Russia is hosting the World Cup with Moscow as one of a number locations where games are being played.

An extremely graphic video that shows the driver running down people on the sidewalk was posted by a Russian Twitter account holder.

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