SniperGangRed Tweets He Didn’t Really Kill XXXTentacion


A Twitter user with the handle @SniperGangRed is getting a lot of attention after he tweeted that he killed rapper XXXTentacion. The owner of the Twitter account posted a series of tweets claiming to have shot XXX. Shortly after, the Twitter account was deleted.

Several people have taken screenshots of the account, and a few videos of @SniperGangRed’s tweets have surfaced online. What those posts don’t show you, however, is the tweets in which @SniperGangRed admitted that it wasn’t him who killed XXX, and that people were “dumb” for believing him.

Here’s how it all started:

Police say that XXXTentacion was robbed and shot in his car after shopping for a motorcycle in Southern Florida on Monday, June 18. According to the Broward County Sheriff’s Department, the motive might have been robbery, as the suspects grabbed a Louis Vuitton bag from the vehicle.

@SniperGangRed took to Twitter shortly after the shooting and posted a series of tweets in which he “admitted” to killing XXXTentacion. All of his tweets can be seen by using Way Back Machine.

The first tweet was this photo:

SniperGangRed Twitter

“I really just popped dis n****,” he wrote. “Bruh I really just shot XXXtentacion?I’m finna go viral,” read a second tweet.

Less than an hour later, @SniperGangRed tweeted, “How do u delete yo twitter???” He then tweeted more about the shooting — and about Soldier Kidd, another rapper whom the internet believes was involved in XXX’s death.

“I deactivated my twitter but now I’m back Soulja Kidd is not da one who killed X I’m a whole light skin n**** stop tryna give dat n**** credit for my work,” he wrote. “I’m not even in Florida anymore so y’all can miss me wit da I’m going to jail for life sh*t,” he said in a subsequent tweet.

At this point, Twitter users started thinking that this person may have really shot XXX, but @SniperGangRed was still having a laugh. He posted a photo of a Louis Vuitton bag, asking if anyone wanted to buy it.



“I gotta delete some of these tweets,” he wrote, along with a couple of “cry-laugh” emojis. It appears as though the picture of the Louis bag was deleted. And in @SniperGangRed’s very next tweet, he admitted that he was just messing around.

“Y’all dumb *ss sh*t that ain’t X bag stfu,” he tweeted.

“Idk why y’all so sad bout dis n**** dying like y’all ain’t used to skip his part on roll in peace,” he added, also tweeting that he had a “surprise” for his followers at 3:05. That was the last tweet sent from the account before it was deleted.

The internet is still going wild over these tweets, but it does seem as though people didn’t get the full story on @SniperGangRed. It’s unclear what his real name is or if or how he might have known XXXTentacion.

Some people think that the account belonged to Soldier Kidd, a rapper who has also been pegged by the internet as a suspect in XXX’s death.

On Wednesday, June 20, police arrested 22-year-old Dedrick D. Williams, and booked him for first degree murder.

You can read more about Soldier Kidd by clicking the link below.

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