Aaron Carter, Celina Powell Twitter Feud: “Leave Me the F Alone”

Aaron Carter Celina Powell

Twitter/Getty Aaron Carter tweeted a series of screenshots of his feud with Celina Powell, days after she posted an Instagram of the two together.

In a series of tweets on Wednesday evening, Aaron Carter revealed that he and social media personality Celina Powell have broken up. Carter then went on to post several screenshots of his conversation with his now-ex, as well as his own phone number, telling users that “lines are open”.

It started when Carter tweeted in the afternoon, attaching a screenshot of his conversation with Powell and telling her to “stick with her favorite rappers” and leave him “the f alone.”

Carter then tweeted, “Can’t break up with somebody you were never with remember that,” followed by a subsequent tweet: “Regardless of what you see on the outside I’m looking for something that’s real and tangible a relationship that has value and worth I date to figure out what’s good for me and what’s not.”

Carter next said, “I have no problem showing my fans who I’m with either whether you like it or not it’s my choice I have nothing to hide.”

Then he tweeted, “Long story short I’m (single) dating”.

Next, Carter tweeted at both the Los Angeles Police Department and Powell, attaching a screenshot in which Powell seemed to threaten to release Carter’s personal information, including his address and phone number. This might be why Carter went on and decided to release his own phone number himself in a subsequent tweet.

About an hour later, Carter tweeted another screenshot of his conversation with Powell in which she said “Hope you have visitors soon,” implying that she had given someone his address. Carter captioned the tweet, “Threats won’t be taken lightly.”

Powell has yet to tweet anything in response on her own Twitter account.

As recently as four days ago, Powell was posting pictures of herself and Carter to her Instagram account. Though her account has been switched to private, Hollywood Life reports that Powell captioned her photos with various intimate comments, writing on one, “All smiles when I’m with you love,” and on another, “My Lil Babyy.”

However, their relationship seems to have soured at some point this week.