Brittany DeVerges (Brittany Megan Weide): 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Brittany Deverges (Brittany Megan Weide)

Facebook Brittany Deverges (Brittany Megan Weide)

Brittany DeVerges (also known as Brittany Megan Weide) was arrested for drug possession in Oklahoma, after court records showed that she was trying to turn her life around following a string of earlier arrests. She was found dead in her jail cell, a gunshot wound to her chest and a gun resting on her stomach. Officials are investigating, but said it appears she smuggled the gun into her cell. Friends are angered and want a more thorough investigation into just what happened. Some sources indicate a live feed was on DeVerges while she was in jail, but the video has not been released. Here is what we know so far about Brittany DeVerges (aka Brittany Megan Weide) and what happened. This is a developing story.

1. She Was Placed in a Detox Cell at Pawnee County Jail on July 24 Around 3 a.m. & Found Dead of a Gunshot Wound to the Chest at Noon

Brittany DeVerges

Brittany DeVerges

On July 24, DeVerges, 26, was booked into the Pawnee County jail for public intoxication and possession of paraphernalia. She was put into a detox cell, and was checked on again around 10:30 a.m. Officials decided at that time that she should stay in the detox cell a little longer.

At noon, she was found unresponsive in her cell, Stillwater News Press reported. She had a gunshot wound to the chest and a handgun was on her stomach. Court records say that she went by Brittany Weide, but her legal name was Brittany DeVerges.

2. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Said Evidence Suggests Suicide, But They Are Waiting for a Medical Examiner’s Opinion

Brittany DeVerges

Brittany DeVerges

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) told KJRH that all evidence pointed to DeVerges’ sneaking a gun into the jail. But suicide can’t be definitively ruled until they get the opinion of a medical examiner, officials said.

Investigators don’t know how she snuck a weapon into her cell.

The Cleveland American spoke to OSBI spokesperson Jordan Solorzano, asking for more details and if a gunshot was heard. She said she couldn’t go into any more details because the information is part of an investigation.

Amber, a friend of Brittany’s and her family, expressed disbelief in the comments below regarding the situation. She said considering the time of year and that Brittany wasn’t likely wearing something that could easily hide a gun, she found it hard to believe that officials missed a gun during a pat down.

3. She Was Monitored on a Live Video Feed, But the Feed Has Not Yet Been Released

Brittany DeVerges in happier times.

According to a release by OSBI, DeVerges was monitored at various times on a live video feed, Stillwater News Press reported. There is no word yet on whether any of the footage is going to be released, but The Cleveland American said they are requesting to view jail video of the incarceration.

Officials are investigating, but they said they believe she somehow snuck the gun into the jail. After the investigation is concluded, reports will be turned over to the Pawnee County District Attorney’s office.

4. She Had Multiple Misdemeanor Marijuana-Related & Other Arrests in the Past & Was Getting Help

FacebookBrittany DeVerges

A look at public records reveals that DeVerges had a number of misdemeanor arrests and warrants over the last few years involving the Pawnee County Sheriff’s Office. However, those records also reveal that she was seeking help. The cases were filed between July 2016 and March 2018.  They were misdemeanor arrests for unlawful possession of marijuana, public intoxication, or unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, including syringes and a smoking pipe. She also faced one charge in January 2018 of petit larceny of a phone worth less than $1,000, for which she was sentenced to 45 days, time served.

In February 2018, she was sentenced to a year in county jail on two of her charges, but they were suspended pending good behavior, along with 60 hours of community service. She was just released on July 14, 2018, having served a short sentence in Tulsa County.

Tulsa County JailA mugshot from Brittany’s arrest

But court records also indicate that she was seeking to turn her life around. One public court letter states that she had joined a drug, alcohol, and mental health rehabilitation center in May. “She is actively participating, attending at least one meeting per day, and is currently working on our day crew team,” the letter tells the court. She was attending a work therapy program and receiving counseling.

Amber, a friend of Brittany and the family, commented below about the situation. She wrote that Brittany had dealt with many struggles, including addiction, the loss of her mother, and separation from her daughters. She was trying to rise above it and turn her life around.

5. Her Facebook Page Is Full of Posts Thanking People for Standing By Her, Posts About a Baby in the Hospital, & Now Friends Are Sharing Their Shock & Disbelief

Brittany DeVerges

Brittany DeVerges

DeVerges was very open about her life on her public Facebook posts. She often posted comments and statuses thanking people for standing by her.



Several years ago, she also posted numerous photos with a baby, shared stories about moms with NICU children, posted photos of herself and the young baby in the hospital, and talked about the child being on dialysis. Her posts didn’t reveal if she was the mother, but at the very least they were very close. She seemed to be facing a lot of challenges and struggles. A friend of hers, Amber McCray, shared more details in the comments below. She wrote: “Yes, Brittany is the mother of the tiny baby girl that you see in pictures. She had two small girls. Brittanys mother was one of my best friends, she passed of medical issues several years ago. I remember how happy she was when she was pregnant with Brittany…she LOVED to dress Brittany up in beautiful dresses and put her hair up in pretty bows and ribbons that Sonya would often make herself (dresses and bows).”

Friends expressed shock and disbelief about DeVerges’ death. One friend wrote on Facebook that she had just turned 26 a few days ago. Another friend wrote: “U have been my friend I have so many good times withu my g I can’t believe what I’m hearing life is so real an too short you will forever be missed rest in heaven.” Another friend wrote, shocked, that DeVerges had just messaged her recently and seemed fine.

One person wrote, “There’s no way she got in with a gun bro this is heartbreaking I want to know what really happened.” One person wondered if a female officer had not been available and maybe she wasn’t searched.

One heartbroken friend wrote, “My heart hurts and we will never know why, but I smile knowing you and your beautiful momma are reunited up in the sky! Rest in paradise our Beautiful Brittany Megan Weide WE LOVE YOU!”

Although her death is still being investigated, what is known is that many of her friends are expressing how much they miss her, and Brittany DeVerges will not soon be forgotten.