Bryan Deneumostier: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Bryan Deneumostier

Police photo Bryan Deneumostier

Bryan Deneumostier is a Florida man who is accused of posing as a housewife to trick straight men into having unwitting gay sex while they wore “blacked-out goggles” and blindfolds.

The victims thought they were having sex with a woman, according to Fox News. Instead, they were allegedly having sex with Deneumostier, who then posted the videos online to a website called StraightBoyz, authorities allege.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Deneumostier Is Accused of Running a Website to Trick Straight Men Into Having Gay Sex

bryan deneumostier

Bryan Deneumostier

According to Fox News, Denemostier ran a website called “StraightBoyz.” The website’s concept was to feature “straight men being tricked into accepting sex acts from gay men,” Fox reported.

Bryan Deneumostier ran the website for four years, during which time it featured some 600 videos, Fox News reported. Deneumostier is 33-years-old. He’s from Homestead, Florida.

2. The Men Thought They Were Meeting a ‘Bored Housewife’ Living in Miami-Dade

The victims in the case thought they were having a secret meeting with a “bored housewife,” according to The Miami Herald.

Instead, they encountered Deneumostier, but they didn’t know it because they wore blindfolds and blacked-out goggles during the encounters, the newspaper reported. According to The Herald, the “bored housewife” was really a “cross-dressing man” – Bryan Deneumostier.

Deneumostier is accused of performing sex acts on the men during the encounters. The home where the videos were filmed was located in Miami-South Dade.

3. Deneumostier, Who Lived Near a Military Base, Is Accused of Posting Ads on CraigsList

Deneumostier lived near the Homestead Reserve Air Base. That proximity featured into the storyline that Deneumostier allegedly gave men because he would tell them he was a military wife and, thus, insisted they should have no fear of being photographed.

Instead, he was secretly videotaping the man to charge access to the videos on the Internet, The Herald reported. Deneumostier allegedly was often dressed as a woman in the videos.

On one website, he says he was “there to meet new friends” and spoke French. Deneumostier’s video website is no longer up.

4. Deneumostier Had an Open Criminal Case Involving Alleged Sexual Activity With a Minor

bryan deneumostier

Part of the court records for Bryan Deneumostier

At the time of his arrest, Deneumostier already had an open criminal case in Miami-Dade County. Court records show he was accused of sexual activity with a minor, a felony, and two misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a child.

His bond was revoked in that case. A public offender was appointed in the case in June 2018. In the case, reported UK Daily Mail, police allegedly found Deneumostier with a teenager at a local hotel after the boy was reported missing. Authorities allege that Denemostier “admitted to drinking, drugging and having sex with the teen,” adding that “There were leather handcuffs, sexual lubricant and a leather whip in plain view in the room,” according to Daily Mail.

5. Homeland Security Handled the Case

Although the host website is down, the videos for the StraightBoyz website appear to be still easily accessibly in many places on the Internet.

U.S. Homeland Security investigated the case and has accused Deneumostier of “charges of record-keeping violations and two charges of illegal interception of oral communication,” Gizmodo reports.

Deneumostier previously joined several other people in filing a lawsuit for unpaid overtime and straight wages from a Florida-based company, federal court records show.