Cranston Fire Map: Location, Evacuations, & Updates

Cranston Fire Map

Google Maps Cranston Fire Map

The Cranston fire has grown by thousands of acres overnight and is now threatening hundreds of homes, causing more than 3,000 people to be evacuated. At the time of publication, the fire was 4,700 acres and only 5 percent contained. Here are the latest details on the Cranston fire, including an updated map, evacuation information, and more.

Interactive Cranston Fire Maps

This updated, interactive map on Google Maps above shows you the location of the Cranston Fire, the location of the evacuation centers, and the closed highways. You can also see the location of the Ribbon Fire, which is near the Cranston Fire.

This map below, from Inciweb, is zoomed into the location of the Cranston fire. If you click on the Cranston fire itself, you’ll see details about the fire on the right side of the map. (The location of the details might be different on mobile.)

You can also find details about the Cranston Fire in these general, interactive fire maps from California. In each map, you can zoom in to see more details about Cranston. This first map below is provided by CAL FIRE and Google.

The California Governor’s office has another active fire map for comparison, which is embedded below.

Below is another active fire map from Google’s Crisis Map. Zoom in to areas of interest.

And here is a link to another online interactive map of the Cranston fire, including hotspots:

Additional Cranston Fire Maps

Here are additional maps related to the Cranston fire.

A map showing the burn area:

Another map from Inciweb:

Another map:

This includes a link to a detailed PDF file of the fire:

A map of the terrain that the fire has burned so far:

A heat signature map:

Cranston Fire Evacuations, Road Closures, & Details

The following evacuations have been conducted by the Riverside Sheriff’s station, according to Inciweb as of 12 p.m. July 26:

  • Apple Canyon Area
  • Cedar Glen
  • Camp Scherman Girlscout Camp
  • Fern Valley
  • Hurkey Creek Area
  • Idyllwild
  • Lake Hemet Area
  • Mountain Center Community
  • Pine Cove

An evacuation center is set up at Banning High School.

The following road closures are in place:

  • HWY 74 from City of Hemet to Lake Hemet
  • HWY 243 from Banning to intersection of 243 and HWY 74

The following recreation campgrounds, hiking and trail closures are in place.

Mt. San Jacinto State Park

  • Desert View Trail
  • Round Valley Trail
  • San Jacinto Peak Trail
  • Wellmans Divide Trail

San Bernardino National Forest

  • Dark Canyon Campground
  • Black Mountain Group Campground
  • Boulder Basin Campground
  • Devil’s Slide Trail
  • Fern Basin Campground
  • Humber Park
  • Lake Hemet Picnic Area
  • Marion Mountain Campground
  • Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) N of State Highway 74
  • Tahquitz Peak Fire Lookout

The following animal shelters are available, according to Inciweb:

  • Large animals can be dropped off to Dysart Equestrian Park – 2101 W Victory Ave in Banning.
  • Small animals can also be dropped off at Dysart Equestrian Park – 2101 W. Victory Ave. in Banning. Animal Services will transfer them to the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus.
  • All animals (large and small) also accepted at San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus.

How to Get Cranston Fire Updates

There are several sources you can tune into for continuing updates about the Cranston fire.