Dana Penny, Suspect in Aliquippa Shooting

Police are searching for a suspect, identified as Dana Penny, in the double shooting that shook the city of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania in the early hours of Wednesday morning. One person is dead and another is in the hospital after the shooting, which happened around 1AM on 100 block of Third Avenue.

The wounded victim has been flown to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh.

According to Beaver County officials, a “home invasion” was reported police were called to 147 3rd Avenue a little before 1AM. State police are leading the investigation, with local police assisting.

Local media reports that police have identified Dana Lamar Penny, a 36 year old man, as the suspect in the case. A manhunt for Penny is underway now.

Here’s what you need to know.

Neighbors Told the Media They Heard Gunshots But, Instead of Calling the Police, Went Back to Sleep

Police have still not released details about the overnight shooting on Third Avenue, but early news reports seem to indicate that it was a home invasion gone terribly wrong.

Pittsburgh’s WPXI News was on the scene early this morning, interviewing neighbors, most of whom seemed reluctant to say anything on camera. One woman, a nearby neighbor, told reporter Mike Holden that she heard four or five gunshots in the middle of the night. But instead of reporting the shots, she said she just went right back to sleep.

Police have not yet released the names of the victims.

Dana Penny Was Already Wanted on Felony Drug Charges

News reports say that on June 19, acting on a tip from the suspect’s neighbors, agents from the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office searched Penny’s home at 1229 Irwin St. Penny was not home at the time.
They found 80 grams of black tar heroin, stored in baggies; one baggie containing 90 grams of “yellowish” heroin; Agents seized a stash including: 135 Suboxone strips; multiple baggies altogether containing 80 grams of black tar heroin; a baggie containing 90 grams of yellowish heroin; a baggie containing 39 grams of grey heroin; 1,240 heroin “stamp” bags; 411 heroin “stamp” bags labeled “Lady Bug;” and two baggies with three grams of heroin.
They also found 135 Suboxone strips and two baggies containing 10 grams of powder cocaine.
Acting Aliquippa Police Chief Robert Sealock said Dana Penny is a known drug offender. He added that the neighborhood where Penny lives, sometimes known as “Plan 12,” is a “hot spot” for drug activity in the city.

Police Say Penny Is Armed and Very Dangerous

Pennsylvania State Trooper James Long cautioned that Penny is “very dangerous.” He told CBS News that, since Penny already has a felony warranty, he is likely to be violent “The fact that he does have a felony warrant and he is a suspect in this, he is considered to be very dangerous. Considering that there was a shooting here, you should suspect, that as a person of the public, that he may be armed,” Long said.

In 2014, Penny Was Arrested for Drug Possession, While On Parole For a Federal Drug Conviction

In 2014, Penny was arrested following a dramatic police chase through another Aliquippa resident’s home.

Police said that as Penny fled, he was also trying to “unload” bricks of heroin from his person.

Aliquippa Police Chief Don Couch said he was called to 1100 Main Street when he saw a man who seemed to fit the description of someone selling drugs. Couch said that police chased the man, Penny, and that as Penny ran “he was attempting to get all of the bricks of heroin out of his pocket.” Couch said that afterwards, police found bricks of heroin “in trash cans, on end tables, on the couch, on the side of the couch.”

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