Delta Planes Collide at Boston Logan Airport

Two planes collided at Boston Logan International Airport Wednesday afternoon. Airport officials say the two Delta planes hit each other on the runway. One plane that was taxiing knocked into a second plane parked at the gate.

According to the Massachusetts Port Authority, neither plane had passengers on board and no one was hurt.

The National Transportation Safety Board has investigated other incidents of Delta planes colliding over the past year. In August 2017, there were three separate situations of Delta aircraft hitting other planes and a truck at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City.

In the first collision on August 15th, the wing of a Delta plane hit the tail of an American Airlines’ jet during departure. No one was injured, but passengers had to return to the terminals.

The very next day, another Delta Connection aircraft had a collision after landing from Chicago. It clipped the ring wing of a plane that was parked nearby. Within an hour, the third incident happened. The left wing of a Delta MD-88 jet hit a truck as it was turning onto a ramp. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey reported the driver of the flatbed truck was treated at a hospital.

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