Kristin Davis, ‘Manhattan Madam’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kristin Davis Manhattan Madam

YouTube/Crime Watch Daily 'Manhattan Madam' Kristin Davis was recently subpoenaed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Kristen Davis is a former “Manhattan Madam” who met with special counsel Robert Mueller last week, after being subpoenaed for Mueller’s investigation into the ties between Russia and the 2016 election.

Davis worked for former Trump aide Roger Stone for around a decade. She also worked with Andrew Miller, the man who ran her novelty campaign for Governor of New York in 2010 and who was subpoenaed by Mueller a month ago, as well.

To NBC News, Davis said of the subpoena in July, “It’s very out-of-the blue for me, very upsetting. For them to come to me for information on Russian collusion — I don’t have anything on that.”

Davis is a former hedge fund VP and an Ex-Manhattan Madam who’s best known for supplying former Governor Eliot Spitzer with escorts. Here’s what you need to know.

1. She Graduated High School at 15 Years Old & Was the Valedictorian of Her Class

According to her bio page, Davis graduated from high school by the age of 15. She eventually went on to college at St. Mary’s College in San Francisco, though she took several years off in between in order to earn money.

By 18 years old, she was working in hedge funds, and by 24 years old she was “the controller of a multi-billion dollar fund.” Her bio page states that she was a vice president of a hedge fund by 26, at which point she “realized she had hit the glass ceiling”; however, The New York Times was unable to identify the specific hedge fund that Davis worked at, prior to leaving to work at her escort agency.

Of her life story, Davis explained in a column for XO Jane that most people had no idea she came from a financial background. Davis wrote, “I have worked full-time since the age of 15, and my first job was at a dry cleaner, pressing clothes. I graduated high school two years early and because we didn’t have much money, I opted to forgo college and went to work. I pressed clothes for a year and then managed to land an office job at Archer Daniels Midland. I became the firm’s youngest inside sales representative dealing with bulk commodities off the Chicago Board of Trades.”

Davis continued, “My natural aptitude for numbers led me to a hedge fund where I started as an assistant. I had started and stopped a few colleges but I rarely finished my classes because I could not afford to miss work and I needed to support myself. At 20, I finally started college full-time at night and on weekends so I could continue working. It took me six years to get my degree.”

2. She Ran for Governor in 2010 on a Libertarian Platform

Davis ran for Governor in 2010, securing a line in the ballot under the Anti-Prohibition Party. She ran on causes which included the legalization and taxation of marijuana, the legalization of gay marriage, and the decriminalization of prostitution. Her campaign for Governor was where she actually met Roger Stone (the source of her subpoena), who was allegedly the one who proposed she run for governor of New York to begin with.

“Through the course of doing some media interviews,” Davis wrote in XO Jane, “I met Roger Stone. He is a well-known political consultant who has run four presidential campaigns including both Bush campaigns. I asked him about lobbying for decriminalization of prostitution. He proposed I run for governor of New York. While I laughed at the idea because I’m actually mortified of speaking in public, he eventually talked me into it by convincing me I could advocate for some social issues I believe in.”

Ultimately, Davis received the fewest votes of the seven political contenders, garnering just over 20,000 votes which amounted to .4% of the voters’ count.

3. She Ran the World’s Most Successful Escort Agency

Known as the “Manhattan Madam”, Davis wrote in her column for XO Jane, “‘Manhattan Madam’ is the salacious title given to me by the tabloid press when I was arrested in the wake of the scandal that brought down Eliot Spitzer.”

She continued, “I ran that [escort] agency for five years. At its height I had a roster of 120 women with permanent locations in New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington DC. I treated the girls with respect, never forced a woman to do anything and loved many of them as if they were sisters. Some women came to me homeless, running from abusive partners, or on the verge of eviction. I bailed them out of their bad situation and helped them put their life back together.”

“I thought the money from the industry was helping them,” Davis wrote, “[But] in hindsight, I realize that the money might have helped them temporarily but it would often hurt them forever.”

4. Eliot Spitzer Was Reportedly Black-Listed From Her Agency

Spitzer’s connection to Davis began when he was caught with Ashley Dupre, one of Davis’s escorts in a specific group called the Emperor’s Club VIP. Spitzer was reportedly blacklisted from Davis’s agency, then called Dream Girls, when he “racked up complaints from her girls”, according to The New York Post.

“He was aggressive, trying to force them to do things,” she said, via The Post. “They felt he was too rough. He was trying to pull your head toward him to make you do things uncovered. You’d say, ‘No, I have to put a condom on,’ only he’s not listening to you. He’s just steamrolling over you.”

Davis’s admission that she supplied prostitutes to Spitzer was one of the primary contributing factors to his “downfall as one of the country’s most prominent Democrats.” Though Spitzer consistently maintained that these assertions were untrue, Davis said that she supplied him with prostitutes on a weekly basis for five years, starting in 2005.


5. She Spent Four Months in Rikers Island After Being Convicted of One Count of Promoting Prostitution

After being arrested on counts of prostitution, Davis spent four months in Rikers Island after handing over all of her assets.

Of her time at Rikers, Davis wrote, “I spent two days in the “intake” area in a cell meant for 10 women, however, there were 25 of us piled in like sardines. There was one toilet in the center of the room with no walls and it was full of rotten food and maggots and flies. I was not allowed a phone call, given food or a shower or a real bathroom. If you were able to get one of the officers’ attention, they would threaten you with solitary for being disruptive. My bail was set at $2 million dollars for a first time offender.”

Davis added that she was soon moved into solitary confinement, where she spent 23 hours a day in lockdown, the other hour a day of which was spent doing “nothing more then moving me outside to a cell in a small chain link fence box (think dog kennel) where I could see the daylight for one hour.”

Davis was eventually sent to federal prison a second time, sentenced two just under two years of prison time after selling prescription pills to government informants. After serving her second stint in prison, Davis announced that she was pregnant with her first child. To The New York Daily News, Davis said, “It happened in the halfway house [after prison]. The dad and I are not together anymore and that’s all I can say about that.”

Davis has since referenced Stone as her baby son Carter’s ‘godpapa’ in an Instagram post.