PHOTO: Paul Manafort’s New Mugshot

PaulManafort Mug Shot July 12

PaulManafort Mug Shot July 12

Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign manager, has been transferred out of the rural Virginia jail where he was allegedly treated like a “VIP” and given “special privileges” — including a large cell, a private bathroom and shower, and a special work space where he was allowed to prepare his case.

Manafort, who is charged with financial fraud and witness tampering, had his own laptop and his own phone in the rural prison where he was housed for more than a month. The former Trump aide apparently didn’t even have to wear a prison jumpsuit.

But on Thursday, July 12, Paul Manafort was removed from Northern Neck Regional Jail and was booked into the Alexandria Detention Center.

According to Sheriff Dana Lawhorne, “Mr. Manafort’s arrival and booking process were routine.”

Sheriff Lawhorne added, “Because he is a high-profile inmate, Mr. Manafort will be placed in protective custody which limits his interactions with other inmates. Specific details about Mr. Manafort’s confinement will not be made public due to security and privacy concerns. We will work closely with the U.S. Marshals to ensure his proper care while he remains in our custody.”

It was not immediately clear whether Manafort will receive the same “VIP” treatment as he previously did.

On Tuesday, Judge T. S. Ellis III of the United States District Court in Alexandria ordered that Manafort be transferred. The order came after Manafort’s legal team had complained that they were having trouble visiting their client, since his “VIP” prison was so remote.

Manafort is accused of lobbying for a pro-Russian company in the Ukraine and then hiding the profits in foreign bank accounts. More recently, investigators charged that Manafort had tampered with witnesses in the lobbying case. In June, a federal judge revoked Manafort’s bail and ordered him sent to jail.

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