Three Kansas City Police Officers Shot Sunday Morning

Two Kansas City police officers were shot Sunday morning, sparking a hunt for the gunman, and then another officer was shot when police converged on the shooter’s location, according to Fox 4.

“An additional (3rd officer) was struck by gunfire and was taken to the hospital,” KCPD reported on Twitter. A KCPD spokesperson stated that two of the officers shot with a rifle earlier in the day were undercover at the time of the shooting.

According to police, undercover detectives and tactical operations were working an ongoing investigation at the Sky Vu Motel at 8300 E. 40 Highway. The area is near I-70 and 40 Highway, KCTV reports.

“There has been an officer involved shooting in the area of 40 hwy and Manchester. Large police response searching for suspect. Use caution in the area. Media responding go to old East Patrol Station 27th and Van Brunt PIO is en route. More info as we have it,” a Tweet released by KCPD stated.

The officers have been transported to a nearby, area hospital. Police said two of the officers’ injuries are not life-threatening and they are in stable condition. The condition of the third officer is unknown.

No news has been released on the severity on the injuries at this time.

This is a developing story; Heavy will update as more information is known.

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Come on heavy!!!

Heavy is being very disingenuous in this article. The Kansas City Police have made it very clear that the suspect that shot three officers was the man wanted in the murder of Indian student Sharath Koppu. If you Google this person’s name, you will see the picture of the murdered student and the disgusting snake headed nog that killed him. That is the man who shot 3 Kansas City police officers today and was then killed.

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