WATCH: Alleged White Supremacists Destroy Anti-ICE Camp in San Antonio

A group of masked white men marched into a protest camp in San Antonio, ripping down tarps and chanting “Strong borders, strong nation.” You can watch the video clip here.

Protesters angered at the separation of families along the US-Mexico border have been camped out in front of the ICE facility in San Antonio since July 17. At 8AMn Saturday (July 28), while many of the demonstrators were still sleeping, a group of masked men stormed into the camp shouting slogans and waving flags.

The masked men scattered the protesters’ belongings and grabbed some of their flags. They chanted “Strong borders, strong nation.”

Local media said that the masked men appeared to be part of a known white supremacist group. Social media has been buzzing with allegations that the men were members of Patriot Front, an anti-immigrant group. Patriot Front has been actively campaigning in San Antonio, but the group has not taken responsibility for the attack on the protest camp.

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