WATCH: Opera Singers Protest Trump In Front of the White House

Anti-Trump protesters have been holding nightly demonstrations across the street from the White House for four days straight now, in a movement they are calling Occupy Lafayette Park. The movement gets its name from Lafayette Park, the little patch of green where the protesters have set up camp.

The Occupy Lafayette movement started on Monday night. The demonstrators set up their protest in the park in a hurry, just before President Trump returned from his controversial Helsinki meeting with Vladimir Putin. Since then, protesters have returned every night for a fresh, often creative, demonstration.

Adam Parkhomenko, a former aide to Hillary Clinton who describes himself as a “Ukrainian American,” helped found the Occupy Lafayette movement. So far, celebrities like Alyssa Milano and Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti have dropped by the park to lend their support to the movement. Last night the protesters hired a mariachi band to serenade White House inhabitants. Tonight, they are singing opera.

No livestream is available, but Parkhamenko has been uploading clips onto his twitter feed. One clip, below, shows two of the opera singers belting out “America the Beautiful” as protesters hold up the letters L-I-A-R behind them.

In another clip, the singers perform the national anthem:

At least some of the songs are carefully chosen to jab at President Trump. One singer said pointedly that she would be performing an
adaptation of a song from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, which is about committing a crime to take the throne.

.A woman with a snare drum and a tall, red white and blue hat plays a few beats in between songs. People holding up protest signs — including one that says “Impeach Putin’s Puppet” — can be seen near the singers. The Occupy Lafayette organizers were careful to give a big thank you to the Secret Service for their patient and calm handling of the protest. You can see that thank you here: