Alex Beltran: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Alex Beltran


The search for Alex Beltran, 23, of Kalispell has come to a sorrowful conclusion. Her body was found on August 1, after her vehicle was found submerged in a pond. Authorities are still piecing together the details to determine just what happened. She leaves behind a loving family, including her husband who was saving money so he could move across the country to be closer to her. She was planning to attend a Harry Potter convention in August. Here’s what we know about so far about what happened.

1. She Was Found in Her Car, Submerged in a Pond on Private Property

Montana authorities said they found her body inside her vehicle, which was submerged in a pond on private property in Kalispell, Great Falls Tribune reported. Authorities haven’t yet said whose property the pond was on, just that a resident reported what they believed to be a vehicle in their pond. The property is on the west edge of Kalispell.

She was driving a 1998 Toyota RAV4, according to Flathead Beacon. Her case remains under investigation, Montana authorities said.

2. Her Car Appears To Have Traveled Down a Driveway, Across a Lawn, & Into the Pond

Alex Beltran

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Flathead County Sheriff Chuck Curry said that Beltran’s vehicle appears to have driven down a driveway, across a lawn, and into the water, Great Falls Tribune reported. An autopsy will be performed.

3. Beltran Was Last Seen July 16 After Spending the Day with Friends & Leaving to Go to Her Parents’ Home

Beltran’s family reported her missing on July 19, three days after she was last seen. She had been drinking with friends, and left a friend’s house in Kalispell, heading toward her parents’ home in Happy Valley. But she never arrived. She left her friend’s home at about 11 p.m.

While authorities were searching for Beltran, they said they had found no evidence to suggest foul play. They had searched numerous routes that she might have taken and found no evidence of her or her car, and there was no activity on her cell phone or her financial accounts.

4. A GoFundMe Was Created to Help with the Search & Now Donations Will Be Used for Funeral Arrangements

Alex Beltran GoFundMe

Alex Beltran GoFundMe

A GoFundMe was created to help with the search efforts. Now the money will be used to help with funeral arrangements. Her family and friends put up missing posters all around the region and hired a private investigator for the search.

$4,395 was donated toward a $15,000 goal. People who donated and want their money returned can leave a comment on the GoFundMe page and their money will be sent back to them, the page states.

5. Beltran Was Married, Worked as a Nursing Assistant, & Had Planned To Attend a Harry Potter Convention in August

Alex Beltran

Alex Beltran

Beltran had been married for over a year and her husband, Alfredo Becerra, told Flathead Beacon earlier this week that they were desperate to find her. “We’re desperate,” he said. “We need to get her home.” He said she was one of the happiest people he knew and she would have never left without saying something.

Becerra currently lives in California and was saving money to move to Montana so he and his wife could be closer, Flathead Beacon reported. He said they talked every day.

Beltran worked as a nursing assistant, according to Flathead Beacon, and loved animals. She owned a dog and a cat. She had been planning to attend LeakyCon, a Harry Potter fan convention, in August in Dallas.

This is a developing story.