April Epperson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

April Epperson is the manager of an Alabama Subway who was caught on tape calling a customer a “f***ing n****.” The video of Epperson’s fight with Antuan Pace, whose sister was working at the store, went viral. You can watch it here.

Some news reports are saying that Antuan’s last name is Clark. It’s unclear which last name is correct. But a man named Antuan Pace from Sherman Heights, Alabama uploaded the video to his facebook account.

Epperson has apologized for using the n-word, saying that it was a “slip up.” Subway fired her anyway.

Here’s what you need to know about April Epperson:

1. She Ordered Antuan Pace To Get Off Of The Store Property. Things Quickly Escalated into a Fight, Which Is When She Grabbed His Phone and Threw Out the N-Word

Antuan Pace’s sister was on her first day at work in Epperson’s Subway store. Antuan had come to the Subway to visit his sister. But Epperson disapproved. When she saw that he was hanging out near the store, she called him in and told him to stay off the property.

Pace didn’t want to. He can be heard on tape pointed out that it doesn’t make much sense for Epperson to call him into the store only to tell him to keep off the property.

Things got heated very quickly. Epperson called the police. Pace recorded the whole thing on his phone, and Epperson can be heard yelling at him that she’s going to “slap the G**-D*** phone out of your hand.” She’s walking towards him as she says this.

Then the video spins, blurs, and goes black for a moment. When the video starts up again, just a minute later, Epperson is still on the phone. She says, “I’m going to throw it again,” apparently referring to the phone.

After another customer got involved, Pace got pushed through the door. Epperson yells, “You f***ing n*****!” through the closed door.

2. Epperson Says That Clark Punched Her in the Face. She Claims the N-Word Was a ‘Slip-Up’ And That She Felt Threatened

It’s hard to see exactly what happened in the scuffle. After Epperson grabbed the phone, Pace said that he would have the right to hit her and the other customer. He says, “I can physically attack them right now, and it’ll be self-defense, because they put their hands on me.”

A few moments later, Clark yells, “B****, you put your hands on me again,” and there is a thudding noise. Clark and his sister get pushed out through the door. After the door shuts, Epperson yells, loudly, “f***ing n*****.”

Epperson told WBRC that Pace had punched her in the face. She said she felt so threatened that the N-word just slipped out: “He punched me in my face. I pushed him out the door because that was the only thing I knew to do. I felt like I was in danger. I pushed him out the door. He punches me in my face and as soon as I shut the door, the only thing that came out of my mouth was, ‘N*****,’ and I’m sorry. It could have been a Mexican standing there. It popped out of my mouth that’s what that Mexican would have got called. That white person would have got called that too,” Epperson said.

3. Subway Fired Epperson Over The Incident And Is Retraining Their Staff in “Proper Guest Interaction”

On Thursday, Subway fired Epperson over the incident. The store has also shut down for a few days while they carry out a re-training of their staff. Subway released the following statement:

“We are very upset that this happened and it does not reflect our core value to respect every individual. We welcome all guests to our restaurant and given the unacceptable behavior of the manager, she no longer works for us. We take this very seriously and have suspended operations until the staff has completed retraining in proper guest interaction.”

A local community activist, Carlos Chaverst, held a news conference in front of the store and called on Subway’s owners to take further action. “We need not just this Subway to do some training. We need all Subways to do some training of their employees,” Chaverst said.

4. Pace Was At the Store Visiting His Sister, Who Had Just Started Work There. It’s Not Clear Whether Epperson Fired Her

Pace was apparently hanging out at the store because he wanted to visit his sister on her first day of work at the Subway Epperson managed, on Valley Avenue in Birmingham.

Epperson didn’t like him being around. She called him into the store and asked him to leave the property, saying that he would be a “distraction” for his sister. She even asked him to stay off the avenue in front of the store. That’s when the fight got started.

Pace can be heard saying “you can’t fire her.”

Pace says that Epperson fired his sister on the spot; Epperson disagrees and says she did not fire her.

5. Epperson Says She ‘Hates’ The N-Word

Epperson sat down with Fox News to tell her side of the story. She breaks down during the interview and seems to be near tears. She says, “I said the wrong word…I screwed up.” But she says, “I can’t handle being called a racist on national TV.”

Epperson told Fox that she has African American family members and that she is not a racist. She said that she “hates” the n-word and maintains that the word just popped out because she was feeling threatened.

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