Baby Betts, Mookie Betts’ Baby: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Mookie Betts baby

Getty Mookie Betts announced on August 8 that he and fiancée Brianna Hammond are expecting their first child in November.

On August 8, MLB star Mookie Betts announced that he and his girlfriend, Brianna Hammond, are expecting their first child. Betts broke the news in a tweet, attaching a photo of a fake newspaper titled ‘The Betts Chronicle’ which revealed the baby’s due date.

This will be Betts’ first child. Here’s what you need to know.

1. The Baby Is Due On November 19, 2018

According to The Betts Chronicle, Betts and his girlfriend are expecting the baby to arrive on November 19.

The Chronicle reads, “Mookie and Bri are brewing a brand new baby and you Betts believe they are excited to share the news!”

2. The Baby’s Gender Has Not Been Revealed Yet

The due date for Baby Betts is the only piece of information that’s been revealed so far. The gender and the name are still unknown, though it seems like ‘Baby Betts’ is going to be a hard nickname to shake.


3. The Internet Has Already Pointed Out The Proximity of Baby Betts’ Birth to the World Series

Adam London of NESN wrote, “The fall is shaping up to be a thrill for Betts, who could be celebrating a World Series title weeks before his player to be named later is born.”

FenwayNation writes similarly, “Assuming the 2018 version of The Carmine Hose continue their run and win a seventh World Series Championship, ‘Baby Betts’ would follow not that long after the final out in late October.”

4. Betts’ Girlfriend, Brianna Hammonds, Has Known Mookie Since Middle School

Betts has kept his relationship on the down low while playing for the MLB, but he and Hammond have reportedly been dating for over 10 years. In 2013, Betts celebrated the eighth year of being together with Hammond, writing to Instagram, “Its been 7 LONG HARD years with this beautiful girl!!!! But shes always been by my side and I couldnt ask for more!!! Today makes it 8 years!!! I just wanna say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my boo @briannamichelle1!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!”

FabWags reports that Hammond and Betts are actually engaged, which has been confirmed by a wedding registry under their name.

5. The Internet Is Reacting With All Sorts of Emotions to the All-Star Baby News

Naturally, the internet has exploded with commentary about Betts’ and Hammond’s pregnancy reveal. Some users have even speculated that Betts could have an extra special performance in the coming days.

More responses reflect heartbreak than anything else, from all of the Twitter users who feel personally betrayed that Betts is officially off the market.