WATCH: Gunshots Heard at Blue Diamond Shopping Center in Las Vegas

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Witnesses at the Blue Diamond Shopping Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, say that shots were fired in the area on Saturday evening around 5 p.m. local time. Several social media users began tweeting that there was an active shooter at the plaza, many unsure where exactly the shots were fired. Police have since confirmed that the shooting was a “domestic dispute” that happened inside of a Ross Dress for Less store.

“This was a domestic dispute at the Ross at Valley View & Blue Diamond. Domestic dispute between a family, man tried to shoot at a woman, that’s when officers shot him. No word on his condition,” the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department told 8NewsNow. It is unknown if anyone was hurt during this incident.

In the video below, which could be considered NSFW due to profanity, you can clearly hear gunshots.

The person recording the video was standing outside of a Target store using his cell phone to record. As the gunshots got more intense, people in the area appeared to take cover, running to the side of the building and trying to keep themselves out of view. Although it sounded like the gunshots were coming from inside the Target store, it has been confirmed that the shooting occurred inside the Ross store, located in the same shopping plaza.

“People breathing heavy and people crying,” the man recording the video says. “Woah, I heard gunshots again. Gunshots again. Oh sh*t. It’s really gunshots,” he adds.

Several people in the area were located inside various stores — including the aforementioned Target, Kohl’s, and Ross — and tweeted that they had been placed on lockdown inside the store. Others tweeted that they were asked to leave the store and/or to evacuate the area.

“We are at Kohl’s. We were locked down here for a while. They just gave an all clear here,” wrote one Twitter user.

“We were in the Target next door to Ross, people came running in saying someone was shooting in Ross next door and to get out,” tweeted another.

Police have not released any additional information about what happened nor have they revealed the current condition of the suspect. Many roads in the area have been reopened, although some entrances are still closed at this time, and things are starting to resume as normal.

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