Cameron Wright: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

April Denise Parham, 37, a kindergarten teacher, died suddenly and unexpectedly of a heart attack last week. Her family, already grief stricken, had a new horror to cope with.

A security guard at the Tennessee hospital where she passed away was caught having sexual intercourse with her corpse.

Cameron Wright, 23, was charged with abuse of a corpse. He posted $3,000 bond and walked out of jail.

Parham’s family is suffering.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. April Denise Parham, a Kindergarten Teacher, Was Admitted to the Hospital Suffering From a Psychiatric Condition. But She Died of Heart Attack, Reports Say

April Parham

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According to local media, Parham was in St. Francis Hospital for “mental issues that she was apparently overcoming when she had a heart attack and died” at around 2 a.m. Wednesday Aug. 22.

Her family, stunned by her sudden death and in shock and grieving, said April was an organ donor. Her body was taken to a storage room where her organs would be harvested. Her father told local media his former wife, April’s mother, called him to say that St. Francis’ called to tell the family April had been the victim of an assault.

She died at 2 in the morning. Hours later, her body was assaulted. In the U.S., there’s no federal law against having sex with a corpse, and it’s not rape since the person is not living. But, in the majority of U.S. states, it is a crime to have sex with a corpse. In Tennessee, it’s a felony, but a low level felony.

2. Wright Admitted to Having Intercourse With Parham’s Body While it was in a Body Storage Room Awaiting Organ Harvesting

According to the arrest affidavit from Shelby County court records obtained by Heavy, Parham’s body was in a storage room where her organs were to be harvested for donation.

According to the affidavit, Shelby County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to St. Francis Hospital on Aug. 22 and were met by a worker for Mid South Transplant and another hospital security guard. The men told deputies they witnessed Wright “having sexual intercourse with the deceased female in the body storage room.”

Sheriff’s deputies arrested Wright, took him to the ‘felony response unit” at the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department where Wright confessed to investigators that he had “vaginal intercourse with the deceased female in the body storage room.”

Wright was charged with abuse of a corpse, a class E felony, a low-level felony. Necrophilia laws in Tennessee are non-existent. The ‘abuse of a corpse’ charge is statutorily designed to cover all abuses of a dead body.

3. Wright Kept His Facebook Up Long Enough For Hundreds to Comment Angrily. He Then Shuttered His Social Media, But Not Before Screenshots Were Taken

At least 20 commented, on what ended up being a shuttered Facebook page (Heavy took screenshots) that they suspected Wright of having previously committed an act of necrophilia and “just didn’t get caught.”

“Cameron Wright – The whole world knows what you did. God definitely knows. You’ve done this nasty stuff before but you got caught on that day. Get some help. You’re going to be living your whole life on egg shells. Deserved.”

But most of the comments were ones filled with revulsion.

“By looking at this man’s pictures, you can tell that he had friendships, jobs, and a family. He has the mental capacity to be functional in society. He does not appear to be insane. He is a narcissistic, manipulative person who saw an opportunity to indulge in a sick fantasy. He deserves to be punished to the highest extent of the law.”

And concern and sympathy of Parham’s family.

“Wow, to suffer the loss of a loved one…and then, to find out that your loved one is assaulted/violated by a member of the very institution that was supposed to be providing care. Deceased people need care, too. They need to be kept safe, regarded in dignity, and treated with kindness and compassion. What this person did was not only an assault on the deceased; it was an assault on the family.”

4. Wright, Who Previously Worked for Methodist University Hospital, Was Employed by a Security Firm That Fired Him

U.S. Security Associates said Wright was “thoroughly screened” before he was hired.

In a statement sent to local media, U.S. Security Associates said, “We thoroughly screened the background of the officer involved in the incident. There was no criminal history in the officer’s background and no one could have anticipated the criminal conduct in which the officer engaged.”

The company said he was fired as soon as he was charged.

St. Francis Hospital also issued a statement and said that while Wright was not employed directly by the hospital, it nonetheless felt compelled to speak out.

“Treating those we serve with dignity and respect is our top priority. The behavior of this individual does not represent what our hospital stands for, and these actions are completely unacceptable. We are saddened by this incident, and we are empathetic and sympathetic to the family of the patient. We contract with U.S. Security Associates for our hospital’s security services, and all officers are required to undergo thorough background checks. The security guard involved in this situation has been terminated.”

According to local media, Methodist University Hospital confirmed Wright worked for them a year or more ago. WREG checked Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance records and found “no criminal record nor any complaint history” by the agency that vetted and licensed Wright.

5. April Parham’s Family Was Devastated by Her Death & This Horror Has Them Suffering Paralyzing Grief

April’s brother Jay posted to Facebook that his beloved sister was an athlete, runner, multi-degree holder, asister, daughter, aunt, and cousin, homeowner, dog lover, and friend. And she was an educator who loved teaching. Her’s she’s featured on an public service advertisement about educators.

“If you knew April, you knew that she lived her best life.”

“May I please have your attention…. As I present to you… My sister April Denise Parham… Born to Sheila S. Parham and James Parham… On March 13,1981… (The same day as her first cousin Howard Brown)… Sister to Dale Parham and Jay Parham… From Olive Branch.. MS… A teacher… A runner… A lover… She left this earth on 8/22/18 at the young age of 37… But she left here with no regards… Graduated from Kirby High School… Received her bachelors degree from Arkansas State University… And Received her Master degree from Middle Tennessee State University… Former Athlete… An aunt… a Daugther… a niece.. A cousin.. And a friend… If you knew April… You knew that she lived her best life… Has traveled to every country that you can think of… She has saw the world… She ran marathon… She Was a home owner and she loved the lord…. And she leaves behind… Her dog Mya… She had the perfect heart rate of 118 over 79…. But what I am saying to everyone is…. No one knows the day… The time… Or the place of death…. Death has no age… and limits… But death is promise to us all…. Sooooo Can I please get a standing Ovation for my baby sister as she make her final walk down Facebook Lane…. And I present to you…. The life of My sister… Tripp and Hannah’s auntie…. Absent from the body!!!! But forever in our hearts….. AAAAPPPPPRRRRRIIIILLLL PPPAAAARRRHHAM… 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤.. ### Good Morning