Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Hail: Videos and Photos

cheyenne mountain zoo hail

Fire Department photo Cheyenne Mountain Zoo hail killed two animals and injured many people.

Dramatic videos and photos emerged of the softball sized hail that killed two animals and injured more than a dozen people at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo on August 6, 2018.

According to 9 News, the hail killed a duck and vulture at the zoo and sent five people to the hospital. The other injured people were treated and released, the television station reported. However, the Fire Department reported 14 injured, writing, “#cheyennemountainzoo update patient numbers: 5 transported to area hospitals and 9 more treated and released on scene. 14 total patients.”

People posted videos to social media from the zoo.

Here’s what you need to know:

One Dramatic Video Shows the Hail Pummeling the Grizzly Exhibit

Live Storm Chasers posted one dramatic video showing what the site said was four-inch hail pelting the grizzly exhibit at the zoo.

“On the bright side of this storm with golfball sized hail. I can now go swimming in the dents on my BRAND NEW Jeep. That is all,” wrote one woman on Twitter.

Reed Timmer, a meterologist for AccuWeather, wrote, “HUGE HAIL, round 2, second supercell with destructive hail shattered windshield at Fountain, CO along I25 while waiting for flash flood! Destructive hail falling at 4:28 pm!” He posted this video:

Journalist Ashley Michel wrote that many of the cars in the zoo parking lot needed to be towed out.

The Hail Was the Size of a Softball

People compared the hail to softballs. There was a comparison.

Others described the hail as more the size of a ping pong ball.

The Colorado Springs Fire Department’s public information officer, wrote, “#haildamage in #ColoradoSprings has been extreme today. Hail punctured this gas meter at a home in #broadmoorbluffs that #E11 found during call for service. Do a thorough walkthrough of your home! #hole.”

“Originally it was reported two turkey vultures were killed, but our reporter on scene found out one of them was badly injured but survived,” KKTV reported.

Many Vehicles Were Damaged at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo By the Hail

Hundreds of cars were reportedly damaged at the zoo.

The Fire Department also shared photos from some of the damage to vehicles at the zoo. At one point, the Fire Department wrote, “Officials on scene aren’t letting citizens kick windshields out and drive their vehicle. There are more storms coming. Busses are the only vehicles allowed to the #zoo. Road closed. Please avoid area and meet family and friends at #cheyennemountainhighschool 1200 Creata Rd.”

“Kids who attended zoo camp today are all safe, have no injuries and, are with counselors. They will be taken to #cheyenneMountainHighSchool Waiting for busses to take all remaining people to the high school including campers,” the Fire Department also wrote.

“CSFD wants all people at the #cheyennemountainzoo to stay where they are at zoo. We are making plans for transportation and reunification location for friends and family. #stayundershter 8 people transported so far due to trauma from hail.”

The Zoo wrote on Twitter, “Following the hail storm, the Zoo will be closed tomorrow, Tuesday, August 7. We will reassess at that time before making any additional decisions regarding when we will re-open.”

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