Faye Doomchin: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

faye doomchin

Faye Doomchin.

A 66-year-old Long Island woman is accused of stabbing a British tourist to death because she wanted to “rid the house of evil,” police say. Faye Doomchin was arrested on Monday and charged her with second-degree murder. So far, it is unclear why, exactly, Doomchin felt that the British visitor was “evil” and why she suddenly attacked the woman with a kitchen knife, according to police. This is Doomchin’s second arrest in connection with violent crime.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Doomchin Had Lunch With the Tourist & a Mutual Friend Before Stabbing Her, Police Say

The stabbing victim is a 60 year old woman who was visiting New York. Police haven’t released her identity yet. What’s known is that the tourist, Doomchin, and a man all ate lunch together in a restaurant in Long Island on Monday. The man is a mutual friend of Doomchin’s and the British woman’s, but the two women had never met before. We don’t know what they all talked about over lunch, but presumably the meal was fairly friendly, because the three of them agreed to go to Doomchin’s house afterwards for coffee and cake.

Once they arrived in the house, the man started playing piano to entertain the two women. Then things took a bad turn. Doomchin apparently started saying that she didn’t like the woman from England. She announced that she had to “rid the house of evil.” And then she went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and walked right up to the British visitor. She stabbed the woman in the chest.

2. Doomchin Was Accused of Using a Weapon in A Previous Violent Crime in 1999

Detective Lt. Stephen Fitzpatrick told CBS News that this isn’t the first crime that Doomchin has been involved in. The 66 year old was also arrested for assault in 1999, when she was 47. Fitzpatrick says that Doomchin used a weapon in that assault too.

On Monday, Detective Fitzpatrick said, Doomchin suddenly said she had an “aggressive feeling” and said she needed to rid the house of evil.

That’s when — according to Fitzpatrick — Doomchin got a “butcher block-type knife” from the kitchen and stabbed the victim once in the chest. The victim, whose name has not yet been released, was rushed to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead.

3. Police Say They Have No Idea Why Doomchin Attacked the British Tourist

Police say that Doomchin and the 60 year old tourist were meeting on Monday for the first time. The woman was spending a few weeks visiting a mutual friend of the two women, who also lived on Long Island. It’s not clear how Doomchin knew this man, and whether she was motivated by jealousy when she declared that she needed to “rid the house of evil” and stabbed the tourist in the chest.

Police say that they have no idea, as yet, as to Doomchin’s motive in the bizarre crime. They say that as far as they know, there were no negative interactions between the two women while they were out to lunch together, and they still do not understand what made Doomchin suddenly say that she felt “aggressive” and then go into the kitchen, grab a knife, and stab the woman in the chest. No alcohol was involved, according to authorities.

4. Doomchin Lived With Her Husband & Her 22-Year-Old Daughter in the Home Where Police Say She Stabbed the Tourist

Police say that there were five people in Doomchin’s home at the time of the stabbing. It’s not clear who the additional two people (other than Doomchin, the British tourist, and their mutual friend) were. But Doomchin lives in the North Road home with her husband and their 22 year old daughter. Their daughter is adopted.

Doomchin has a prior arrest, for felony assault, on her record. The details about that arrest are not available, but police say that it took place in 1999 and that a weapon was involved.

The tourist whom Doomchin allegedly stabbed arrived in the US last week and had never met Doomchin before today.

5. At Her Arraignment Hearing on Long Island, Doomchin Pleaded ‘Not Guilty’ to Second-Degree Murder & Was Denied Bail

Doomchin was in First District Court in Hempstead on Tuesday for her arraignment hearing. She was charged with second degree murder for the stabbing death of the British tourist, whose name has still not been released.

Doomchin did not speak during her appearance. But her lawyer entered a “not guilty” plea on her behalf.

Authorities said they were waiting to release the victim’s name until her family could be notified.

The Hempstead judge denied bail to Doomchin. She will remain in jail awaiting her next court appearance.