Fredericton, New Brunswick, Shooting: Multiple Fatalities Reported

Multiple fatalities have been reported after an early morning shooting in Fredericton, New Brunswick. The city is located in eastern Canada. One person has been arrested in relation to the shooting. There is no official word on how many people have been hurt. CTV reports that “at least four people” have been killed in the incident. The circumstances of the events leading up to the shooting are unclear at this point.

A tweet from the Fredericton police was sent at 6:35 a.m. local time on August 10, it read, “Fredericton Police are responding Brookside Drive area. The public is asked to avoid the area and stay in their homes with doors locked at this time for their safety.” A follow-up message later confirmed that police were dealing with “multiple fatalities” along Brookside Drive on the north side of the city.

One local resident, Robert DiDiodato, told CBC that at around 7 a.m. he heard a “firecracker” type sound. DiDiotato added, “With the tempo, it might have been a gunshot. It was sort of like a pop, pop, pop, pop… Doors are locked and everybody’s inside.”

Speaking to Global News, another resident, Dave MacCoubrey, said that he could have heard as many as 17 shots coming about 30 feet from his bed. MacCoubrey added that it sounded as if the gunfire was coming from the middle of the square in his apartment complex. He said that police have been searching the complex floor-by-floor.

CBC reports that a local Tim Horton’s coffee shop has been told to keep their doors locked and their customers and staff inside until further notice. That CBC report adds that there has been massive emergency services response to the area, including police, paramedics and firefighters.

The town of Fredericton is located about 70 miles from the U.S. border. The local police have also tweeted asking the local population to avoid calling the police station directly due to a high volume of calls. Residents have been asked to call 911 if there is an emergency. Police are asking the public not to post about the activities of the emergency services on social media.

The Halifax Regional Police Chief Jean-Michel Blais said that his department has offered support to the Fredericton Police, “We at @HfxRegPolice are following the situation in Fredericton this morning. I have spoken to Chief Fitch personally to offer her any support we can give. We stand with @CityFredPolice while they deal with this situation.”