Jeffrey Livingston, Abby Huntsman’s Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Fox News host Abby Huntsman has been tapped to join the View, taking over from Sara Haines. Huntsman will be the second conservative on the all-female talk show. Her start date hasn’t been announced yet, but this weekend will be her final appearance on Fox and Friends Weekend.

Huntsman has often made headlines for her personal life. Her father is John Huntsman, a one-time presidential candidate who is now the ambassador to China. Abby and her sisters were involved in their father’s presidential campaign, working on his social media presence. Abby Huntsman also made headlines when she left the Mormon Church over her disagreement with the church’s views of LGBT issues.

Abby Huntsman married Jeffrey Livingston in 2010. The couple has one child, a daughter named Isabel.

Here’s what you need to know about Jeffrey Livingston:

1. Livingston Is a Principal At KKR, A Global Investment Firm

Livingston holds a degree in economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He started his career working for McKinsey and Company, the global consulting giant, holding positions in McKinsey’s Beijing and New York offices before coming to work for Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, or KKR, in 2012.

Livingston works out of KKR’s New York office. He is the principal of private equities for KKR and a member of the Financial Services and Hospitality & Leisure industry teams. He also sits on the board of Sedgwick Claims Management Services and Apple Leisure Group.

Livingston’s parents, Deidre Livingston and Bruce Livingston, own and operate Boyd Industries, a company that manufactures and sells dental equipment. They live in Dunnedin, Florida.

2. Abby and Jeffrey Met at the University of Pennsylvania and Married Two Years After Graduation

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Abby and Jeffrey started dating when they were both students at the University of Pennsylvania. Both of them graduated in 2008 — Abby with a BA in political science, and Jeffrey with a BS in economics. Two years later, the couple got married at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. An Episcopal priest performed the ceremony. Both Abby and Jeffrey were 24 years old.

Abby was raised a Mormon, in the close-knit Church of Latter Day Saints. She has spoken about leaving the Mormon church and about how difficult the decision was. You can read more about that here. During her father’s presidential campaign, commentators pointed to Abby’s wedding in an episcopal church as evidence that her father was not a strict Mormon.

3. Livingston Made a Surprise Appearance on Fox and Friends to Help Abby Announce Her Pregnancy

In June 2017, fans of Fox and Friends were starting to speculate about Abby’s appearance. Viewers wrote in, or took to social media, to ask each other whether Abby was developing a baby bump — or was she just eating more than usual?

To answer all these questions, Abby invited Jeffrey on to the show. The couple announced, smiling broadly, that they were going to become parents to a baby girl. Isabel Grace was born on November 30, 2017.

Baby Isabel has appeared on Fox and Friends a few times, accompanied by her father.

4. Livingston Was the CFO For His Father In Law’s Presidential Campaign, Overseeing a Campaign That Was Plagued With Debt

Abby Huntsman was an adviser on her father’s 2012 presidential campaign; she often helped John Huntsman with his social media presence. Jeffrey was also involved in the campaign. According to his LinkedIn profile, he served as the campaign’s chief financial officer (CFO).

Politico reported that when Huntsman wrapped up his campaign, the campaign owed $2.58 million to a number of vendors who hda provided goods and services for the campaign. Some angry vendors were threatening to sue Huntsman if they didn’t receive their money. There was a lot of confusion within the campaign over how much, exactly, was owed, and how much had already been payed.

In April of 2012, Politico reported again that more than a dozen former Huntsman campaign staffers and vendors had complained about the slow pace of repayment. Months after the campaign had shuttered, an estimated $1.4 million in debt remained. Some of that debt was for the costs incurred while renting out Liberty State Park to launch the campaign in June of 2011.

Politico noted that political campaigns often wind up with some debt. But Huntsman’s creditors were apparently disturbed by the lack of a serious debt-retirement plan and by what Politico called “the apparent mismanagement of the campaign’s wind-down.”

5. Livingston Has a Very Discreet Social Media Presence

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Jeffrey Livingston has a social media presence: he uses Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. But he is a very private, discreet user of those platforms. Livingston’s Instagram page is locked. His Twitter account is sparse, to say the least: as of August, he has tweeted only three times in 2018. His Facebook account is similarly thin. The only thing you can really learn from Livingston’s Facebook account is that the man likes to wear silly wigs.

In contrast, Abby Huntsman has a vigorous social media presence with nearly 76 thousand followers on Instagram and 128 thousand followers on Twitter.

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