Jonathan Harris: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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US Marshals have arrested Jonathan Harris as a suspect in the recent murder of the former Playboy model, Christina Kraft. You can read more about Kraft’s murder here.

Authorities have been searching for a “person of interest” who can be seen on surveillance video exiting Kraft’s Pennsylvania home on the night of her murder. Today, authorities identified the man in that video as Jonathan Harris. He was arrested in Pittsburgh after reportedlytrying to flee Philadelphia by bus.

Here’s what you need to know about Jonathan Harris:

1. Authorities Say Harris Was Seen With Kraft at About 3AM on the Night She Was Murdered

On August 27, police released surveillance video showing a man who has since been identified as Jonathan Harris. They said he was wanted as a “person of interest” because he had had contact with Kraft at around 3AM in Center City. Kraft was found strangled that night in her Ardmore, Pennsylvania apartment.

There is also footage of Harris near the entrance to the SEPTA on 15th and Market Street and, shortly after that, arriving at the entrance of Kraft’s apartment building.

But authorities say that Harris was never seen leaving her building — which has led them to speculate that he may have jumped off of her balcony. They say he is the last person known to have seen her alive.

Kraft, a former Playboy model, was found strangled in her apartment in the early morning hours of Wednesday, August 22.

2. Harris Texted a Friend That He Had Met a ‘Sexy A** White B****’ and Was In Her Apartment


Police say Harris and Kraft met in Philadelphia on the night of August 22. Kraft had taken a Lyft into the city, where she reportedly first encountered Harris near South Broad and 13th streets.

At 2:40 AM, Harris sent a text message to a friend saying, “I just met this sexy a** white b****, at her house in Ardmore now.”

Police say that evidence shows there was a violent struggle in Kraft’s apartment, and she was likely beaten before being strangled. They say that Harris was likely in her apartment for about two hours.

“Christina was beaten and the beating was substantial. There was a lot of blood,” said Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele.

3. Harris Has a History of Arrests for Drugs, Assault, and Harassment and Was Just Released from Prison Last Month

Harris has a criminal record, with a history of arrests for drugs, assault, and harassment. He spent three years in the Pennsylvania state correctional institution, in Greene, on robbery charges and was just released on July 15.

Police say that he and Kraft did not know each other until the night of Kraft’s murder. They reportedly met in Philadelphia, after Kraft took a Lyft into the city. Harris texted a friend to brag that he had met a “sexy a** white b****” and that he was in her apartment in Ardmore. He was the last person to see Kraft alive, and police say he brutally beat her before strangling her to death.

4. Harris Has Been Charged With Murder and Robbery In Connection with the Death of Carlin-Kraft


US Marshals arrested Harris on August 29. He has been charged with murder, robbery, possession of an instrument of a crime and other charges in the death of the 36-year-old Christina Carlin-Kraft. There is no word yet about Harris’s possible motive.


He and Kraft reportedly met in Philadelphia on the night she was murdered, and she appears to have invited him back to her Ardmore home. Police say he beat her, breaking her nose, and then strangled her to death.

5. Separately, Police Are Searching for a Man They Believe Stole Designer Bags and Jewelry from Kraft’s Home After Meeting Her in Center City

On August 17, just days before her murder, Carlin-Kraft spent a boozy night out in Philadelphia and apparently encountered a man who came to burgle her apartment.

The model went out on August 17 and woke up in her apartment on August 18, feeling extremely sick and remembering almost nothing from the night before. She told local media that the last thing she remembered was ordering an espresso martini at the Sofitel hotel in Center City.

Surveillance video showed the model returning home with a man in the middle of the night. She was unsteady on her feet, and he helped her along. The man entered her apartment with her and was seen later leaving the apartment, alone, carrying a box. Carlin-Kraft told police later that someone had stolen designer purses and jewelry from her home.

Police say they have identified the man as Andre Melton. They have not yet found him. It is not clear whether he is connected to Jonathan Harris, who has been arrested and charged with her murder.