Kevin Cormier: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kevin Cormier is a member of the Proud Boys, a group which describes themselves as “Western Chauvinists.” He is scheduled to speak at the Unite the Right rally in Washington DC on August 12.

Here’s what you need to know about Kevin Cormier:

1. Cormier Is a Member of the Proud Boys Who Describes Himself as an Alt Righter and Jokes About Shooting Leftists

Cormier is a member of the Proud Boys and has written about his view of Mexico for the Proud Boys magazine. He describes himself as a “veteran, an alt-righter, and a ladies pimp.” If he is being ironic, he’s laying the irony on pretty thick.

Cormier’s Facebook page includes a review for Sam Hyde, the controversial right-wing comedian. Cormier gave Hyde a one-star review and wrote, “He is Number One , so he gets one star. As a veteran, an alt-righter, and a ladies pimp , Sam pretends to be all the great things that I am.”

Cormier also left a five star review of Country Clippers, a barbershop in Florida. He wrote, “Awesome place……I got my hair cut nice and short there so it wouldn’t block my sight when aiming at leftist commie trash.”

2. Cormier Is Married and Lives in Raleigh, North Carolina

According to his Facebook page, Cormier lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. He is married, and tied the knot on January 25, 2013. In an essay for the Proud Boys Magazine, Cormier says that he got divorced in 2012, so presumably he is on his second marriage. Cormier describes himself as a business owner.

Cormier says he studied nursing at St. Mary’s University and graduated from the Family Christian Academy.

Family Christian Academy is an elementary school in Old Hickory, Tennessee. The school describes itself as follows:

“Family Christian Academy is a school of excellence, based on the Word of God, serving Christian families in a safe, loving, and friendly environment promoting Faith, Character, and Academics. FCA supports God’s calling on families to raise their children to love God, to love others, and to be academically prepared as an expression of Christ to their generation and generations to come.”

Old Hickory is a neighborhood in Metropolitan Nashville which is bordered by the Cumberland River.

3. Cormier Wrote About His Struggle With a Pill Addiction And His Experience Living in A Commune in Mexico

In 2017, Cormier penned an article for the Proud Boys magazine titled “Loathing and More Loathing in Mexico (AKA How a Dystopian Multicultural Utopia Made Me a Hardcore Reactionary).” You can read it here.

In 2012, Cormier was just about hitting rock bottom. He had spent time working in Iraq and had also been traumatized working as a nurse with Katrina victims in New Orleans. He was just wrapping up his fall semester in nursing school. Cormier wrote, “I was barely functioning in school and had a bad pill addiction. I was bored with life, detached, and mentally exhausted.”

So he jumped on a bus and headed to Mexico, after reading about an ancient Mayan prophecy which talked about the end of the world. (Cormier wrote that he mainly wnted to “chase hippy women and get high.) Once he arrived in Mexico, Cormier got involved with a commune in Palenque, Mexico. He spent about a month living with the group, which consisted mainly of expatriates from the US and Europe.

But Cormier had a blow-out fight with the group after they refused to clean up their garbage before moving on from Palenque. Cormier was overwhelmed by the group’s hypocrisy (he called “hippy-crisy”) and by their readiness to turn on him after he pointed out their mistakes. He left the group and declared that he had seen the light. “It was this vacation in to leftist insanity that would shape my whole future as a political activist,” he wrote.

4. Cormier Spent Time In Iraq and Says He Experienced PTSD

In an essay he wrote for the Proud Boys magazine, Cormier described the sorry state he was in before he “found his place in the universe” as a right-wing political activist.

In 2012, he says, he was addicted to pills, and was constantly looking for his next dose of Percoset. He says the addiction was at least in part the result of his time in Iraq, where he said he developed PTSD from his experience in the war. He also says that working with Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans contributed to his PTSD.

Writing in 2012, Cormier said, The previous five years involved spending time in an Iraqi combat-zone, working as a nurse during the response to Hurricane Katrina, along with the battles of marriage and divorce. I fought severe PTSD from my time in the war and from having to put people down in New Orleans during Katrina. I was barely functioning in school and had a bad pill addiction. I was bored with life, detached, and mentally exhausted. I needed an escape.”

5. He’s a Trump Supporter Who Follows the MAGA Network on Facebook

Cormier has a long list of groups he “likes” on Facebook. He’s a fan of the Proud Boys and of various Proud Boys local groups (Proud Boys Wisconsin; Proud Boys of Columbus). He also follows The Guardians Militia, a North Carolina group which says about itself, “We also train and stand ready to be the last line of ddefence for our COUNTRY.”

Cormier’s likes include the MAGA Network and Latinos for Trump.

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