Michael Hill: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Michael Hill

Getty/Michael Hill Twitter Michael Hill is the founder of the neo-Confederate group, 'The League of the South,' and he was recently found to have a social media connection to GOP Senate candidate Corey Stewart.

Michael Hill is the leader of the League of the South, a neo-Confederate secessionist group that has marched in several notable alt-right rallies and that calls for a christian theocracy.

On August 16, The Daily Beast exposed that GOP Senate Candidate Corey Stewart is currently one of 257 people who follow Hill on Twitter.

Michael Hill has described himself as a member of the “hard-right.” Here’s what you need to know.

1. Michael Hill’s Twitter Account Describes His Interests as ‘White Man Stuff’

Michael Hill’s Twitter account reveals a series of affiliations and interests, including “Southern nationalist, Rhodesia, Dixie Mafia, Northern Ireland, and other White Man stuff . . .”

The Daily Beast reports that Hill often shares posts between Twitter, VK(a Russian social media site), and Gab, which the Daily Beast defines as “a white supremacist-friendly social network.”

His handle, @AlasdairMacColl, references a 17th century Scottish warrior.


2. Hill Is the Alleged Leader of the ‘League of the South’

Via the Southern Poverty Law Center, Hill founded the League of the South in 1994. It initially started as a group of 40 academics who “complained about the media treatment of white southerners,” but by 1999 it had quickly turned into a violent group that called for a second secession.

Per the SPLC, the League of the South described antebellum slavery as “God-ordained,” and opposed interracial marriage.

At the height of its popularity in the late 1990s, the League of the South boasted some 15,000 members. Now, it reportedly has exponentially fewer active members.

3. Hill Was a Professor at a Historically Black College for Several Years

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Ironically, the SPLC reports that Hill was a professor at a historically black college, Stillman College, for several years before founding the League of the South.

Via the SPLC, Hill mocked his black students, even posting in an invitation-only email list, “A quote from a recent affirmative action hire: ‘Yesta-day I could not spell ‘secretary.’ Today I is one.'”

Per the SPLC, Hill wrote in an essay once, “[T]he evil genie of universal ‘human rights,’ once loosed from its bottle, can never be restrained because rights for women, racial and ethnic minorities, homosexuals, pedophiles, etc., can be manufactured easily.”

4. Hill Retweeted One of Stewart’s Tweets Earlier in the Month

Hill seems to have paid attention to gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart just as much as Stewart as paid attention to him: Hill retweeted this tweet by Stewart on August 15, which references “far-left violence” and implicates Tim Kaine as responsible for it.

5. Stewart Follows Several Twitter Other Accounts With ‘Extremist Views’

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According to The Daily Beast, Stewart follows several other Twitter accounts with “extremist” views, including at least one other account that promotes the League of the South,  “who describes herself as a ‘nationalist,’ ‘C’ville vet,’ (a far-right term for people who attended the first Unite the Right rally), a ‘Proud Goy’ (non-Jewish peson), and ‘Jwoke’ (anti-Jewish).”

Stewart has a significant connection to alt-right and neo-Confederate individuals beyond the League of the South, as well. Stewart once gave a speech praising secession,  and the Daily Beast also notes that white supremacists have often attended Stewart’s rallies.

He has not yet commented on his Twitter affiliation with Hill.


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