Watch: Police Accused African American Man of ‘Loitering’ in His Own Apartment Complex

Police in Indianapolis approached a man named Malcolm Evans as he tinkered with his car in his apartment complex on Saturday. They asked him for identification and accused him of “loitering” — in his own apartment complex. You can watch the video here.

Evans asked police what crime he had committed, and why they were accusing him of loitering. Police continued to ask for his ID. He answered their request with questions, and police officers from Southport Police Department appeared to get irritated. They raised their voices and told Evans to “get on your phone and google what loitering is.”

One of the officers — Sergeant Robert Patterson of the Southport Police Department — raised his voice and warned Evans that he could be arrested for failing to identify himself. Evans asked what his crime was. Patterson said, “step on out” of the car. “Either you’re going to step out or we’re going to bring you out.”

That’s when the video gets a little confusing. Evans says, “so you’re really going to f*** with me?” and then, it seems, police start to reach into the car to pull him out. Police officers can be heard repeatedly yelling, “stop tensing up!” Then the video spins and there are banging sounds before the video goes black.

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